Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Week 8, Day 2 - The Proof is in the Statement!

Week 8, Day 2 Outfit: Ann Taylor Black Short-Sleeved Wrap Shirt, Lavender Rebecca Taylor pants, BCBG black slingbacks

Oh Joy! Finally some reinforcement for my toil! Today I got my credit card bill (through email, of course, who gets paper anymore?) and lo and behold, it was $500 less than it has been in the past couple of months! Can you believe it??? Okay, so perhaps the statement should have been less last month because it apparently takes 1.5 months for the benefits of rehab to kick in - at least for a shopaholic...but because of Mikey's birthday present and the camera which has been faithfully generating pictures for me on an almost daily basis (albeit at times very blurry pictures) - last month I used what normally would have been spent on clothes on other expenditures. But, HOLY COW! I knew I spent a lot of money on clothes...but $500 a month? Crazy! So...this now leaves me overwhelmed with thoughts about what I can do with the $500 that I would have normally squandered on clothing. The altruistic thing to do would be to donate it to a good cause - like Dress for Success...but part of me needs to enjoy having this surplus of cash in my account for awhile (I promise, at the end of this challenge, I will do something good for the world with what I end up saving). One thought is to start getting my "kicks" out of investing and completely replace the thrill of shopping with the thrill of gambling a bit on stocks. I know, many of you might be thinking - one addiction for another...but I can safely say that I am not prone to a gambling problem - ask my brother who scolds me everytime we go to Vegas for counting my chips each time I win or lose a hand at Blackjack. Hmmm...stocks...definitely a worthwhile hobby...Anyway...I can't write enough about my elation over what is finally some kind of reward for my restraint!

Speaking of restraints, I had no choice but to eat chicken for lunch today. I was delivering more training for another client in Knoxville and all that they had brought in for lunch was Chic-Fil-a chicken nuggets and chicken wraps...hmmm...do I want the chicken or chicken? Yes, yes, I could have been "one of those" and opened up the wrap and picked out the pieces of chicken, or I could have skipped over the chicken nuggets...but come on! These were Chic-Fil-a chicken nuggets! I must say that I did eat them with trepidation, afraid that I was either going to have a very bad gastrointestinal reaction to eating chicken after about a month of restraint...or afraid that the Vegetarian Heavens would open up and strike me down with some sharp skewered form of a celery stick. Obviously, neither happened, and I ate the chicken nuggets and sandwich wrap. What did happen, however, was a wave of guilt that washed over me, causing me to obsess over what I might have been able to eat instead...leftover bagels from breakfast? An orange or banana? A cup of yogurt? Oh well, I guess that's the "flex" part of the whole "flexitarian" thing that I'm trying...but honestly, I really did feel guilty (though I feel better knowing that Chic-Fil-a seems to treat their chickens better than other fast food restaurants - or maybe I just think this way because they close on Sundays to allow their employees to observe Sabbath).

Back to the clothes front...as I was folding my pair of lavendar pants to put in my "worn" bin, I noticed a huge hole in the crotch of my pants. Um....how long has that been there? Cue thoughts of me going over my day trying to determine if I had ever bent over to pick something up thereby exposing my underthings. I'm sure I must have - but let's just hope it wasn't during the 6 hours that I was training 12 people - standing at the front of the room with all eyes on me. Hmmm...perhaps that's why all the ratings I got for training today were 4's and 5's (out of a 5 point scale) - maybe I should try to decipher the male from female handwriting to see if the 5's came from the guys and the 4's came from the women (they would give above average ratings because my indescent exposure makes them feel more put together and better about themselves, of course)...one can only guess...anyone good at identifying man writing?

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