Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 7, Day 3 - Ironic!

Week 7, Day 3 Outfit: North Face jacket, green BR turtleneck, BR skinny jeans, Black Ugg boots (yes, I know, I'm repeating 3 articles here, but these are the legit ones...the turtleneck will go in the "worn" bin when I return home)

Remember that song by Alanis Morsette "Well, isn't it ironic, don't you think?" Today is the day of irony! It began with me at the airport recognizing a face I have not seen for awhile. It was the face of Torie, the Banana Republic manager at the Toledo mall. I saw her in the security checkpoint line, and then when boarding my mid-size plane to Denver, CO, she was seated 2 rows behind my assigned seat. Sitting next to my assigned seat was a very large man that I really had no desire to spend a 4 hour flight betwixt, so I gave him the "no offense, but given that there are 4 rows on the other side that are empty, I'm going to do us both a favor and situate myself in one of them so as to give us more room." I first started in the next row down, but those seats ended up being assigned to others, so moving one more row back put me right across the aisle of Torie. She glanced at me with what I thought was a look of recognition, but I didn't try too hard to make eye contact in case she didn't want me blurting out "hey, don't you work at Banana Republic?" So, I rode the entire 4 hours keeping to my own business, meanwhile stealing glances at her thinking "how funny is this?" A Banana Republic manager, going to the same place I am, on this day and hour, and across the row from me? Part of me wanted to strike up conversation with her to see how much of a dent I've made in their sales by taking on this challenge...but then again, figured she'd think I was a totally crazy for thinking that one single person could make any kind of impact on their sales.

The second painful irony of today is that I am at a beautiful ski resort, it's coming down white fluffy snow, and I am spending it working! Well, I'm kind of done with the work part and am going to continue watching the rented iTunes movie (the Traveler's Wife, which I'm loving so far) before it expires (it self-destructs after 12 hours...and, okay, one more "doh!" moment, I forgot to fully charge my computer battery last night and therefore only got halfway through the movie on the plane before my computer shut itself down). Also, free night skiing lift passes are only available from Wednesday - Friday...double-doh (as today is Tuesday)! Half-price lift tickets begin at noon and end at 4:30...I rolled in around 3pm...triple-doh! The worst part about it is that I actually added 20 lbs. to my carry on by packing all my ski clothes...boy, would that have made for an interesting outfit or what?? So, sadly, I am staring outside of the window of my beautiful chateau, at the pine trees and lightly falling snow, and am going to enjoy ZERO of it. Well, I am going to treat myself to a nice dinner at the golf course restaurant that offers 4 courses for $50 (which, I might add, was a restaurant recommended to me by my client, so I'm guessing she's okay with the bill). Why not??? I made it all the way out here, didn't I??? I might as well make use of the beautiful surroundings and get gussied up a bit while I'm at it. Yes, Alanis, it is ironic, but I'm making lemonade out of my lemon!

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  1. Wish I was in the cabin with you! (anonymous spouse)