Friday, January 28, 2011

8 days left and I'm such a slacker!

So, I've flagged a little in terms of posting pictures and my "Top 30" outfits - but here are just a few pictures to let you know that I tried! Some of these "favorites" I'm discovering shouldn't be because they don't fit my criteria of making me look FABULOUS. So, oh well...

Had to post a picture of one of my favorite yoga outfits-something about a shirt that says "Little Miss Lucky" just makes me happy...

This dress is going to the consignment store or given to a friend who looked much better in it than I. Maya, if you're ready, this dress is yours - I don't quite fill it out!

Okay, so much for my daily countdown. I have, however, been keeping up with my pictures and trying to showcase my favorite outfits! I can't believe I have 8 days left of no shopping! So, here's a rundown of what I have bought this year, despite the challenge - all with a perfectly good (or lame) rationale. I feel that listing these purchases are a form of catharsis as they have been giving me a bit of guilt throughout the year. I guess I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to silly challenges - and clearly I feel like I did not exceed this year because I did give into a few purchases - one of which you'll likely be a bit taken aback by (see the last one)...

Christin Louboutin Shoes - to commemorate my promotion - every girl needs her "bitch" shoes!
Soccer pants and workout top - needed for our Soccer-themed 4th of July Party
Red sheath dress, black suit jacket, houndstooth coat - all purchases using my birthday money and the "ultimatum" that I had to buy clothes with it by my wonderful husband :)
Purple Pashmina and a White Gold Ring in Dubai-I mean, come-on! I was in Dubai! I had to buy something to remind me of my trip to the Middle East!
Bear Claw winter boots (Ugg-like) - forgot to pack a pair of warm shoes while on a weekend visit to Detroit and therefore succumbed to buying a pair of shoes at TJMaxx so I wouldn't freeze. Mike saved the day by buying them for me, but I still chalk that up to a purchase
Argyle knee-high socks - same story as the Bear Claw boots - forgot to pack socks when on a trip to Chicago, so I purchased these to keep my feet warm in the single digit weather as we trekked around the city.

And, finally...drumroll, last illegitamate purchase of the year...(consider this a confession)...a Louis Vuitton bag. I was in Chicago last weekend and did not intend on buying the bag but rather to try a few on to get a sense of what I would ultimately buy on Superbowl Sunday of this year while Sommerset mall (a good 1.25 hour drive from our home). Then, I thought to myself, why the hell not buy this bag and keep it in my closet until the glorious day when I can lift off this self-imposed ban and shop? So, I bought it - trekked around Chicago with it in it's dustbag and sturdy Louis Vuitton shopping bag (hiding it in a beach bag so I wouldn't be mugged). So, it has been idly sitting on the top shelf of my closet, getting to know my Louboutin's, waiting for me to pull it out and fulfill it's destiny :)

It's odd, this past week, I've been thinking about shopping and am almost scared to buy something. I fear that, like anyone suffering from an addiction, just a taste of what I loved so much will unleash this irrepressible urge and the shopping monster will be re-released. I guess the true test will come on Sunday when I make a trip to the mall and make a small purchase (I hope it's small). I feel like I kind of have to do this to measure the behavior change in me. I've got it all figured out though - because I am a bit set back financially from the Louis Vuitton purchase, and because Mike and I are trying to save up for our summer trip to Italy and Slovenia, I am going to use a giftcard that my dear friend Rita sent me for Christmas. It, happily enough, is an all-purpose Banana Republic, Gap, Piperlime, Athleta card which means I can spend it anywhere. I guess I could go online and browse on Sunday, especially since we're likely to attend a Superbowl party later that day, but to me, the true test to immerse myself in Banana Republic, surround myself with all the signals that used to release that uncontrollable urge (smell of new clothes, sights of all kinds of clothing, sound of the cash register beeping away as people make purchases, etc.), and with exercised control, make a purchase only if I really need to have the item I am purchasing, and if it makes me look FABULOUS!

Yesterday, on a drive from Moline, IL to Chicago, my sales partner and I passed an amazing outlet mall in Aurora, IL. It had a Kate Spade store, True Religion (which I've never even heard of but was told by my colleague that these are the "it" jeans of today), Theory, Banana, etc. I felt a sudden spike of excitement as I realized that I'll be just down the road from this outlet in late February for a training session. Oh boy - perhaps that is the true test!!! Help - I'm feeling the crazy urges coming back again!

Stay tuned!!!

Friday, January 7, 2011

30 days to go: Let the countdown begin!!

Favorite Outfit #1 - White House Black Market Black Dress - the little black dress that never gets old! Unfortunately, accompanied with a bad hair day - no black dress will fix that!

Favorite Outfit #2 - Green Kenneth Cole sweater, BR "fat" jeans - the only ones that don't create the dreaded muffin top these days and give me enough extra fabric to wear high heels that make me look leaner and taller

Okay, so after some major slacking these past few months, I am going to try to blog everyday as I countdown to Shopping Freedom! For each of these days, I will *try* (note all of the qualifiers here) to wear one of my favorite outfits discovered throughout this year of not shopping (I won't include any of the illegal purchases I made - like the Louboutins, the stuff from my NYC birthday money, etc.). Today's outfit (picture to be posted later) is my favorite little black workdress. I'd probably wear it everyday to work if I could because it is comfortable, doesn't wrinkle, and is black (thereby reducing down any chances of light unflatteringly reflecting off the body).

It's freakin' cold out there - so I do wish I wore these with Ugg boots - but what kind of a fashion statement would that be??

I just posted on Facebook that the 30 day countdown begins - so now I'm guessing that there might be more readership than there has been in the past few months. Blogging is such hard work!

Okay, off to Happy Hour!
Well, the weekend came and went rather quickly - and I only have one additional favorite outfit to report - a green sweater I purchased last year at a Kenneth Cole outlet that I love. It drapes flatteringly around the neckline giving the illusion of greater - uh hem, shall we say upper body curvature. I couldn't not pair this sweater with probably the most worn item of clothing in my closet (well aside from my pajamas) - the ever-famous "fat" jeans from BR. I wear them so much that they are severely frayed at the bottom. They are that type of jean that loves you no matter how much you binged over the weekend and very forgivingly give a few inches as you run errands throughout the day so that by the end of your errand-running, they are dragging on the ground collecting saltwater from the snowy roads. I actually wore these jeans on New Year's Eve and on my way out the door discovered that they had a stiffened salt patch at the hem - however, nothing was going to stop me from wearing my most loyal pair of jeans - with me through the high's and low's!! How could I ever let this beloved pair go? I know that though you think my love for my jeans is crazy, deep down, you know you have a pair that you similarly can't bring yourself to throw away! Admit it!
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all days of workout clothes and pajamas. I'll spare you all from those pictures - but when it comes down to it, they are my favorites! I will don my favorite yoga outfit tomorrow (one that still fits) just to give a nod to all those clothes that play a supporting role to my less comfortable and less worn stars of the wardrobe!