Friday, January 7, 2011

30 days to go: Let the countdown begin!!

Favorite Outfit #1 - White House Black Market Black Dress - the little black dress that never gets old! Unfortunately, accompanied with a bad hair day - no black dress will fix that!

Favorite Outfit #2 - Green Kenneth Cole sweater, BR "fat" jeans - the only ones that don't create the dreaded muffin top these days and give me enough extra fabric to wear high heels that make me look leaner and taller

Okay, so after some major slacking these past few months, I am going to try to blog everyday as I countdown to Shopping Freedom! For each of these days, I will *try* (note all of the qualifiers here) to wear one of my favorite outfits discovered throughout this year of not shopping (I won't include any of the illegal purchases I made - like the Louboutins, the stuff from my NYC birthday money, etc.). Today's outfit (picture to be posted later) is my favorite little black workdress. I'd probably wear it everyday to work if I could because it is comfortable, doesn't wrinkle, and is black (thereby reducing down any chances of light unflatteringly reflecting off the body).

It's freakin' cold out there - so I do wish I wore these with Ugg boots - but what kind of a fashion statement would that be??

I just posted on Facebook that the 30 day countdown begins - so now I'm guessing that there might be more readership than there has been in the past few months. Blogging is such hard work!

Okay, off to Happy Hour!
Well, the weekend came and went rather quickly - and I only have one additional favorite outfit to report - a green sweater I purchased last year at a Kenneth Cole outlet that I love. It drapes flatteringly around the neckline giving the illusion of greater - uh hem, shall we say upper body curvature. I couldn't not pair this sweater with probably the most worn item of clothing in my closet (well aside from my pajamas) - the ever-famous "fat" jeans from BR. I wear them so much that they are severely frayed at the bottom. They are that type of jean that loves you no matter how much you binged over the weekend and very forgivingly give a few inches as you run errands throughout the day so that by the end of your errand-running, they are dragging on the ground collecting saltwater from the snowy roads. I actually wore these jeans on New Year's Eve and on my way out the door discovered that they had a stiffened salt patch at the hem - however, nothing was going to stop me from wearing my most loyal pair of jeans - with me through the high's and low's!! How could I ever let this beloved pair go? I know that though you think my love for my jeans is crazy, deep down, you know you have a pair that you similarly can't bring yourself to throw away! Admit it!
Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday were all days of workout clothes and pajamas. I'll spare you all from those pictures - but when it comes down to it, they are my favorites! I will don my favorite yoga outfit tomorrow (one that still fits) just to give a nod to all those clothes that play a supporting role to my less comfortable and less worn stars of the wardrobe!

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