Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Week 45: Season's Greetings!

Well, yes, I am embarassed to say that the Holidays have certainly led to a bit of procrastination from a blogging standpoint - but that doesn't mean that I don't still love you, followers, if there are anymore of you still out there! In spinning this morning, I was asked about how much more time I have left of this challenge, and I even surprised myself when I discovered that I have less than 2 months to go! And, the crazy thing is, I still don't have a crazy urge to shop - you might say that may have even been broken of my habit. I have, of course, set foot into several clothing stores looking for presents for other people (like the Gap to buy a few articles for my honey), and have not even been the slightest bit interested in trying on something myself. I can't tell if this season's fashions are really just not appealing to me, or if the break in my addiction has left my shopping palette slightly dulled. Don't get me wrong, I'm sure I'll be happy to purchase a new something or other come February, in fact, I've resolved to have my first purchase be a Louis Vuitton bag as my Kate Spade is showing it's 1.5 years of age.

I have been selling random things on eBay lately and getting some buying power as a result. My first sell was an iPod Touch that I no longer needed since receiving the iPhone from my company. I then sold what I would have deemed a no-brainer White Elephant gift until I checked out the gift online and realized that it retailed for $100! So, I sold it on eBay and made a cool $102.50 off of it! I now have a pair of gently worn UGGs and a Brahmin handbag that have just been sitting in my closet collecting dust. I am sad to be selling my Brahmin bag, as it is beautiful, but (call it entry into the mid-30's), no longer fits all the crap I carry around: my oversized Fendi sunglasses in their stiff oversized case, my iPhone, my makeup bag (so I can touch up if needed after a long workday), hand lotion, re-wetting drops for my dry eyes, allergy medication, blah, blah, blah. You get the point - I'm making my way up to a big-ass granny bag (but at least it will be a Louis granny bag - and cost what it would likely take to feed a small country - yes, you are sensing some guilt here).

I had a dream last night that I was shopping and bought a few items. My Inception-like alternative universe self did manage to exert some control and turned away a few items that did not make me look smashing. Yes, my new criteria for clothing is that I have to look smashing or else I won't buy it...we'll see. It's been awhile since I've stood in front of those tweaked mirrors that make you look a foot taller and 20 lbs. slimmer - I could probably wear a garbage bag and look smashing in front of those mirrors. I've also decided that I am going to start being selective of what stores I shop at. Clearly, I will continue to shop at Banana Republic since almost everything I wore during my 8 month stint of not repeating clothes came from there. I will likely pass on the Forever 21's, H&M's, and Express's. Not at all a knock on those stores, as I love them, but they do tend to offer the trendy over the classic - and this re-made fashionista is all about classic. Again, perhaps a sign of my entry into the second half of my 30's - but I can't pull off tight, shiny things anymore. Okay, maybe it's not an age thing, maybe it's a waistline thing - the fact that I am bulgier than I was this time last year has left me wanting to cover up as much as possible.

So, other news, my obsession over clothes has slightly shifted to an obsession with finding the perfect next car. My ever-faithful 2004 Honda Accord is still running like a charm at 175k, but I'd rather quit the car while I'm ahead rather than start to enter into money-pit-dom like I have with my previous two Honda Accords. Plus, with my promotion this past year (and again, my acknowledgement of being in my 30's), I think it's time to upgrade to a luxury vehicle. This will go nicely with the new "classic" persona that I'm trying to create. So, I've been spending too many hours browsing eBay for certified pre-owned BMWs and Acuras, but am unwilling to buy until my big yearly savings check (aka Tax Return) comes through. In the meantime, I have been pouring over every detail and consuming my head with too many thoughts of iPod hook-up vs. All Wheel Drive. German sturdy car that will cost a fortune to maintain vs. Japanese less-sturdy but will likely last me another 175k like my precious Grey Cat (yes, that is the name of my car, assigned by my husband who believes that naming a car makes it perform better for you. The name of his Buick Rendezvous? Big Boy).

Given that I've been such a slacker at blogging, I think I'd like to re-engage whoever is actually still reading these posts by doing a countdown to the big day (which I have decided should be Superbowl Sunday). So, starting one month prior to "the end" I am going to try to post on a daily basis. I'll also bring back the pictures of my outfits, and will do a "top 30" countdown of my favorite wardrobe pieces. So, there you have it - if you can, tune back in starting January 6th for a Lilly's Top 30 outfits Countdown!

In the meantime - Happy Holidays!!!

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