Friday, March 5, 2010

Week 4, Day 6 - Androgenous

Week 4, Day 6 Outfit: BR (yes, of course, what else?) blue sweater, BR white button down, Gap khaki corduroys, funky rainbow striped shoes by a company called Naughty Monkey (took another picture of them to show you how funky they really are!)

So, a client of mine (who used to work for my company) is coming to BG today to give a talk, so I'll be meeting up with him at lunch. Do I dress up, wear jeans, or do something in between? As you can see from above, I decided on the in-between route. I threw on a blue sweater to go over my white shirt and suddenly feel kind of masculine...hence the title of today's post. However, fashion has previously dictated that a woman dressed in men's clothes can be quite the much so that at times, you wonder as you are perusing items of clothing at a unisex store whether some of the men's items were accidentally hung on the woman's side. Brings back visions of Kim Bassinger in 9-1/2 weeks...where she had this steamy scene with Mickey Rourke dressed in menswear.

For those of you who read my "Warrant for my arrest" blog, you maybe interested to know that I finally got around to calling the courthouse to schedule a hearing, and they told me that I should wait for them to send an appointment date through the mail. Wait a second here, wasn't the whole reason for my potential arrest due to the fact that I had failed to change my address? How on earth would they expect me to receive a letter in the mail if they don't even have the right address on file? Or, are they doing this on purpose in order to be able to issue another warrant for my arrest because I failed to appear in court? That way, another cop pockets the cash down payment that I put toward remaining un-incarcerated and the state of Michigan once again is left scratching their head as to why they are in such dire straights. For the love of Obama...what in the world is wrong with these state-run agencies???


  1. That update on your arrest is too funny! I think they just supplied a great defense when you finally go before a judge. Tell him you called there years ago to schedule a court date, never got the notice and just forgot about it. :)