Monday, March 22, 2010

Week 7, Day 1 - Hostess

Week 7, Day 1 Outfit: Red Susanna Monoco Wrap Dress

Last night I hosted our monthly DUB club get together with my fellow female wino's. Given that I was playing hostess, I figured I'd wear a comfortable dress that was also a bit festive. The red color was perfect for when I pulled out a hot vegetable lasagna from the oven and dropped it on the floor, splattering marinara sauce all over me - like I said, good thing the dress was red! True friends are those who rush to your aid when you are clearly a little too tipsy to be pulling hot lasagna out of the oven and come to sponge tomato sauce off of your arms and face! Thanks Ladies!

I've been receiving texts from some friends asking when my challenge ends as they have made plans to go to various stores. Sadly, I still have about 45 weeks to go! I don't have the urge, however, so I guess this challenge will prove to be easier than I thought. Then again, there's always vacations - which I would normally spend half of exploring boutique stores and buying items that I can't find in Toledo (which is a lot!). Regarding other challenges, however, the meat-free thing is going pretty well. I feel a lot better when I am able to avoid dairy and meat. I actually resisted eating pizza the other day, which gave me quite a feeling of satisfaction! I have failed to keep up (or even try) my meditation challenge. I figured that if I went to yoga, that would count toward my 30 minutes of meditation...but given my schedule this past week, it's been a bit hard. So, as I enter into the last full week of March, I'm going to need to re-think what my challenge will be. chocolate for a week? I think that's fair and pretty easy to maintain (not to be confused with easy to do). Okay, starting today, I will not eat chocolate for a week. Done!

Today I'll be taking it easy as I mentally prepare for my business trip out to Colorado. The work itself won't be too difficult...but just flying halfway across the country, driving 1.5 hours from Denver to the ski resort, deliverying a full day of training the next day, and then heading back to the airport to fly home and arrive around midnight is going to be a bit exhausting. I mentioned to another co-worker who is a ski enthusiast that I would try to get myself to ski for the 1/2 day tomorrow that I'll have to spare. I checked out prices for lift tickets, however, and they are pricey...unless they offer a 1/2 day discount, I don't think I can rationalize spending $100 for 4 hours of skiing. Then again, I used to be able to rationalize spending $100 in 30 minutes of perhaps I should adjust my thinking. Stay tuned for tomorrow when I blog about what I decided to do at the ski resort - maybe I should give the spa some thought - the funny part about this is I'd be spending as much at the spa for 1/2 the time of entertainment. Gosh, my priorities are really messed up!

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