Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Week 5, Day 4 - My other challenge

Week 5, Day 4 Outfit: Jammies

Well, today is another work from home day (I've been loving this week!) so I'm in my usual loungewear, plaid PJ's and a red fleece, so I'm not posting a picture of my attire today. I am, however, posting a picture of my calendar to show that I am serious about this Flexitarian challenge - which, I might add, is a lot harder than I thought it'd be. In a post last Thursday, I had mentioned that I wanted to alternate between weeks of being allowed to eat seafood and weeks where I would be strictly order to keep track of this, I have drawn icons on my calendar to remind me which days I can eat seafood and which I cannot. When I can help it, I am trying to avoid eating fish altogether, but may choose to eat it when out at a restaurant (can't give up sushi!) and it's the healthier option compared to a dinner of french fries or something equally bad for me. I did designate St. Patrick's Day "Meat Day" - the one day a month that I can eat whatever I choose - because I've received an invitation to a co-worker's St. Patty's Day dinner party, and I just can't pass up her corned beef. Plus, it'll likely be weird if all I eat are potatoes and boiled cabbage (although, since I know wine will be served with dinner, I'd probably get a very quick buzz with only potatoes and cabbage in my tummy).

I'm trying to think what this month's 1-week challenge is going to February was the Vegan-tarian Challenge...given that I got pulled over for speeding, perhaps my week-long challenge for this month really should be to drive the speed limit. Oh gosh, that one is way harder (those of you who have ridden with me, and grip the passenger side door with white knuckles, know that I have a bit of a lead foot - it's my LA upbringing!)! Some ideas I have are: fasting for a week (I'll have to save this for a really uneventful month), not using a car at all (this will have to be in the summertime so I can bike to places), no TV (that one really isn't all that hard for me), spending only $50 the entire week, giving up my PDA (that will have to coincide with a vacation, as that one is really really hard to do if I expect to have a job when that challenge is over). If any of you readers can think of other challenges, let me know. The criteria is that it has to be an act toward self-improvement, can be sustained for a week, and is challenging enough to be called a challenge. And, no, giving up alcohol is not an option - at least not yet.

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