Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 5, Day 2 - Spring has Sprung!

Week 5, Day 2 Outfit: Old Navy Bright Green tank, Grey Everlast Yoga Pants, Lulelumon Pink Polka-Dotted socks

For those of you reading this from a location subject to colder climates, I'm sure you have noticed a wonderful phenomenon taking place over the course of the past week - the thawing of our environment! The snow is slowly melting away and popping up right as the last bit of white disappears is a bit of spiky green - the sign that daffodils are about to grace us with their vibrant color! Okay, I know I'm sounding a bit hokey here, but let's face it - we're all sick of the snow!

In honor of the approaching season, I decided to wear a bright green tank as I headed outside for a run yesterday. I figured that since I am somewhat cheating by getting to re-wear my fitness clothes on my work from home days, I should at least take a couple pictures (and also try to keep things different with each one I'm taking). You'll probably notice the bright pink polka-dotted athletic socks peeking from underneath my yoga pants. As obnoxious as they are, they are the only saving grace for Mike as he attempts to pair together my otherwise non-descript white socks after doing a load of laundry. Whether or not he realizes that the socks with the Nike swoosh on the back should be paired with the other socks with the Nike swooshes are a true test of his detail orientation - I'm sorry to say that he has failed this test...more than once. He once even paired one of his socks (he wears size 11 in Men's) with the grey patch on the heel with one of mine (which to his credit, looked like his, but just a tad smaller - okay, much smaller...almost like baby bear sitting in papa bear's chair). You can imagine my bewilderment when I arrived at my spinning class, opened up the darned ball, and found my sock completely engulfed in Mike's sock. I did proceed to stuff my foot (now wearing Mike's sock) into my already snug spinning shoes...which made for an interesting and slightly uncomfortable class. Bless Mikey, though...at least he does the laundry, right?

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  1. Hey Lilly - Rance does the same thing with mine. I even had the "one of his socks" experience in one of our cycling classes. I remember complaining to my sister who told me that I should just be lucky he does the laundry. I told her to stop living in the 50s!!