Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week 7, Day 6 - Dinner with the Boss

Week 7, Day 6 Outfit: BR purple sheath dress, Black Aldo Knee High pointy toed, kitten heeled boots (how's that for a description?)

Today began with a 1.5 hour hot yoga class - intense! I then came home to take a 2.5 hour nap to recover from the class (seems counterproductive if you ask me). We found out this morning that our middle cat, Martini, has a genetic heart disorder which has led to the bloated stomach that we mistakenly thought was weight gain due to the Prozac we forced on him. He now has to take pills twice a day and may need a biopsy if the swelling doesn't go down. Until I had cats, I was always one of "those" who used to think people who got all worked up about their pets' health were wack-jobs...but now being the owner of 3 cats, I can definitely understand how emotional it can be when you may lose one of them. Martini appears to be a bit more active today after getting his first dose of meds, so I'm hoping things are starting to look up.

Tonight we'll be dining with my boss - sans the other work couple that make up the last 3rd of our wine club. We're trying out a new restaurant owned by a chef I had read about a few years ago in a book that profiled this chef, Brian Polcyn, Michael Simon (now an Iron Chef), and Thomas Keller (owner of the renowned French Laundry). I LOVE fine dining - maybe almost too much...but now that I'm on this vegetarian kick, I think many of the menu items I would naturally gravitate toward (Fois Gras, Sweetbreads, Braised Beef) are definite no-no's. I did notice a few vegetarian menu items, so I'm very excited about that! For tonight, I figured I'd wear a sheath dress that is made of thick enough material to soon make it's way upstairs into the "off season" storage, so might as well churn through this one before it gets too hot outside to wear!
I finally moved and hung the clothes from my "worn" bin (which was already full and being covered with additional worn items) to the upstairs closet. I also spun through my "off season" closet (shouldn't this be a testament to how many clothes I really do have an "off season" closet?) and grabbed a few items that can soon be worn as the temperature rises. The main closet has once again been filled to almost full capacity.

Mike and I got a massage today at one of those outdoor mall kind of establishments. Right across the street from the massage place was one of my favorite clothing stores - White House, Black Market. Normally, visions of the store displays would immediately get my heart racing - but, oddly, today, no such thing happened. Maybe it was because I didn't get a close look, or didn't like what they had on display...but something is definitely going on! Could I be (gasp) cured?

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  1. Hey Lilly - you know I'll need food details when I see you at spinning - always looking for a good restaurant! Elaine