Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 4, Day 7

Week 4, Day 7 Outfit: White top from a local boutique called Raggaza (don't know the name of the designer), Old Navy plaid wool brown skirt, Liz Claiborne slouchy suede boots.

Saturday was marked with major cranky behavior. I could not stop snapping at my beloved seemed like every little thing he was doing was grating on my nerves...and this was to no fault of him. Even nice things he was doing for me, I found upsetting. So, what might have caused this crankiness? Well, one prime suspect is the monthly joy that we ladies get to endure during the mid-section of our lives...but I think it was more than that. Perhaps the withdrawal from not shopping and not eating meat was wearing on me and causing some unforeseen snippiness (yes, that's a word in blog-land). I managed to take a perfectly good night out, which involved a scrumptious meal at one of THE best vegetarian restaurants around (Seva, in Ann Arbor) and an uplifting Po' Girl (a mostly female Canadian folk group) concert, and ruin it! My saintly husband just waited out the Lilly storm and I'm sure prayed to the crankiness gods that I would be over this spell come Sunday...which I was...but not without a bit of guilt about my poor husband's hurt feelings-which strangely enough, came across as me still being a bit crazy and defensive. How does that work? How come even when we're sorry, we manage to be a bit touchy about it, even if it's our fault?

Anyway, let this blog be an ode to my patient husband. I love you Mikey (too bad you aren't following my BLOG! You could post this on your facebook page and proudly display your patient temperament!)


  1. I'm a lurker!!!! (Oops. . .)

    Let's have fun in Chicago honey!!!!

  2. Awww - you guys are so cute!