Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 4, Day 5 - It's a Cycle Sushi Kind of a Day!

I'm on the way out the door to my 45 minute cycle class followed by Pilates (aka, yoga, but with a sadistic twist). I'll be meeting some friends for sushi will post more when I get back.
Back from sushi...and decided to challenge myself today by going to a sushi restaurant but not eating any fish! I had miso soup as a starter, agedofu spinach goma-ae (yummy!), and a veggie roll. Altogether not too hard to resist...although smells of deep fried fish were wafting in the parking lot as I walked to the restaurant. I'm determining that I need to come up with some rules if I'm going to take this flexitarian thing seriously. Perhaps I alternate weeks of eating strictly vegetarian with weeks of being allowed to eat fish...and then allow myself one cheat day where I can eat meat. Like the shopping challenge, I feel that just by typing this into my blog, I have already solidified my new lifestyle. Now, for how long do I adhere to this alternating week thing? Hmmm...3 months? Okay, that settles it...I will strive to alternate between vegetarian and aquatarian weeks, with one carnitarian (hee, hee, I made up a word) day (my hope is that after awhile, I won't even really be that excited about meat...but living a life without being able to eat Chick-Fil-A and Trotters (a local steak place that has the most killer steak marinade) just seems unbearable to me!
So, today I paid off what will hopefully be my last Banana Republic credit card bill for a year. I had to go onto the website to check my balance and just like being in the mall, averted my eyes from center screen and scrolled straight down to the bottom of the webpage. I did allow myself one glance up to see what was being showcased and did an "ehhh" with a shrug. Yes, that's right, I was not all that impressed with what I saw! Usually, a visual of a supermodel dressed in her "casual" attire (which usually involves several layers of clothing complete with a scarf, even when it's supposedly the middle of summer) induces a deep down longing feeling that forces my fingers to move the mouse to the "complete this look" link...and before I know it, I've dropped $300 on a "casual" outfit. Ha! Flashy webpages, you no longer have power over the new Lilly (ok, or Lilly who still has an ounce of willpower left after going less than a month without shopping).

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