Thursday, March 4, 2010

Week 4, Day 4 - MIA

Week 4, Day 4 Outfit: White House Black Market dress, BR black snakeskin wedges
Sorry if I freaked everyone out by not posting yesterday...especially after such an eventful post on Tuesday morning! No, the police did not come back for me and lock me up (though I still need to schedule a court hearing...hmm...what will I wear that day? I'm thinking my best rendition of Sarah Palin will signal to the judge that I am a responsible citizen and am clearly a victim of a ridiculous legal system). You'll notice that I was sporting my "intellectual" look yesterday. My eyes have an occassional dry spell that forces me to go contact-less for a few days. This intellectual look, however, did fit in quite nicely last night as Mike and I dined with Toledo's high society during a 5 course German wine-tasting dinner at the Toledo Museum of Art's glass pavilion. What an event! We began by snacking on passed appetizers and sipping sparkling Riesling. We then were seated at our tables and feasted on multiple courses paired with other Rieslings (yes, I'll confess, I ate could you not when 3 of the 5 courses consisted of quail, rabbit, and pork?). This is why I love can eat as much as you want and still remain relatively comfortable as your waist slowly (or quickly if you engage in a few beer bongs) expands throughout the night! The winemaker himself was there providing us with a bit of background on each of the wines after one of the musuem curators introduced us to different pieces of artwork that were used for entertaining back in the days. My favorite piece of art was what they called a "Trick glass in the form of a stag." I'll let your imagination run wild and try to imagine what such an artifice might be (let's just say, it may require drinking out of the rear end of a glass stag).
Today is a work from home day, so I'll be lounging in my PJ's. I might take a picture of my spinning gear and post it later...just to keep things interesting. My box of "worn" clothes is getting quite compact and needs to be moved to our upstairs closet and hung up (as they are acquiring quite a few wrinkles being cooped up in the plastic bin). I figure a once a month "hanging of the clothes" will suffice. Good thing I'll only have to do this 12 times! to call the courthouse...ugh.

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