Sunday, March 28, 2010

Week 7, Day 7 - Lounging Around

Week 7, Day 7 Outfit: North Face Fleece, Old Navy Fleece Pants

After a healthy consumption of wine last night at dinner, I spent most of the day in recovery mode...which means, comfortable "errand" clothes. Mike and I finally caught up on some episodes of Project Runway, I succumbed to my guilty pleasure of watching Dancing with the Stars, and are ending the night with a viewing of Raging Bull (clearly more Mike's pick than mine - which is why I'm blogging as we watch it).

This week will be pretty action-packed work-wise as I'll be traveling to Knoxville tomorrow, coming back last Tuesday night, then heading to Pittsburgh on Wednesday for a client visit to our company headquarters. I'll be dining with the CEO and other senior leaders on Wednesday night at a rather exclusive I may have to use Wednesday as a "meat day." Speaking of which, I did give into eating seafood yesterday, even though this week was supposed to be a vegetarian week. It's hard to resist mussels at a four star restaurant! I have, however, stayed true to my week of no chocolate challenge - and it's certainly been a bit harder than I thought it'd sweet cravings have instead been filled with girl scout cookies and rice krispie treats. Perhaps a more difficult week-long challenge would be to give up sweets, now we're talking!
Stay tuned for what I'm able to put together this week for all the different events...I'm thinking going through another black dress for Wednesday's dinner...we shall see!

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