Monday, March 8, 2010

Week 5, Day 1 - Oscar Night

Week 5, Day 1 Outfit: BR green silk halter, Max Studio Black silk pants, Silver Target strappy kitten heel slides (not pictured...and not nearly as interesting as the Naughty Monkey shoes posted on Friday)

"I'm ready for my close-up"...well, okay, not actually, because close up pictures of me don't reveal my entire outfit. I tried striking a pose several times before this picture was taken, even with a hired hand (aka, my husband) - but none seemed to come out. I will admit, that I am quite selective as to which pictures I upload on my blog and end up with quite a few takes before selecting the one that best captures the outfit and, of course, makes me look taller and thinner (again, kind of like those lying mirrors in all the clothing stores).

Yesterday was marked with a lot of cooking as I prepared Asian-inspired bites for my Oscar Party guests to enjoy. I had to give up on the vegetarian thing and succumb to fish as 1/2 of the menu consisted of seafood (I can't force my guests to eat tofu and butter-less or egg-less products, can I?). On the e-vite, I encouraged my guests to wear their best Hollywood Garb. I wish I had taken better pictures of everyone coming in with their interpretations of Hollywood attire. Mike G came in with a white t-shirt, jeans, and some huge-ass sunglasses. He titled his display "I'm dressed as a celebrity going out for groceries." - I love it! Jen came in flip flops...and fortunately enough, the weather was permitting - it would have been even more interesting if there was still inches of snow on the ground. Linnelle and Dennis brought their Schnoodle who donned a dog dress with little poofs (like the kind that you used to see on the end of tennis socks) all around it...very adorable. I, like always, was notably overdressed - but I'm the I've got to wear uncomfortable shoes as I walk around the kitchen carting appetizers back and forth to the living room, right?

The Oscars were pretty entertaining last night. We had a competition to see who could pick the most winners. It came down to me and Mike - and he lost to me by going out on a limb and picking Meryl Streep over Sandra Bullock - which, in Oscar politico fashion, was a have to give the person who will likely not be nominated again the trophy - DUH-UH (Mike is fully aware of this strategy, but likes to go out on a limb and take a risk)!

Needless to say, after last night's attire, today is PJ's followed by Yoga gear day. I'll see if I can wear something interesting and yoga-ish to post later on tonight.

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