Monday, March 29, 2010

Week 8, Day 1 - Live from the Philadelphia Airport!

Week 8, Day 1 Outfit: Ann Taylor Loft Purple rouched sleeve sweater, Express Jeans, DSW black flats (not sure the brand, and given that someone is sitting next to me in the waiting area of my gate, probably not appropriate to take off my shoe to look)

I did of my goals during this challenge was to post from an airport...and by golley, I'm doing it right now. My conditions were as such: 1) Wifi must be free (couldn't quite expense an internet fee for purely blog-posting purposes), 2) I have the time to do it...which I least I think I do since everyone appears to still be waiting in the terminal. One of the things that I usually love about living near Detroit is the fact that we can find a direct flight to just about anywhere since we are a former-NWA hub (now known as Delta). Well, I could've done that today, but it would have cost my client an additional $600, so, being the good little consultant that I am, I went with the flight that requires me to fly from Detroit to Philadelphia, and then from Philly to Knoxville. So, my travel officially started at about 2:30 and will likely end around 11pm (by the time I get my car and roll into my hotel parking lot). So, those of you who think travel is oh so glamorous, know that it can really STINK - especially when weather is involved (I did have a delay leaving Detroit, but it did not impact my connection in Philly). Travel is cool, however, when you end up at a mountainous resort in Colorado (which was the case last week). Even though my flight out of Detroit was delayed, I still had an hour to spare between my connecting flights, so I stopped in at the airport-based wine bar called Vino Volo (there's one in Detroit as well) and snacked on a brie and prosciutto sandwich (minus the piggy) and drank a flight of white wines. Not too shabby...but I still would rather be at home eating and drinking with my 4 cats (yes, Mike counts as a cat - I think he used to be one in a previous life as is evident from the love for sardines and somewhat catlike unpredictableness).
In the Philly airport are several clothing stores - the Gap, Brooks Brothers, Swarovski, etc...that I used to stop at when flying in and out of Pittsburgh (that airport has the same stores). Well, it's funny how my natural inclination to go toward those stores had to be cognizantly stopped today as I remembered my challenge. In Psychology, there is a documented phenomenon discovered by Seligman where when you take an animal (in his case, rats) away from their natural environment when they are exposed to an addiction, they no longer receive the proper cues to prepare their bodies for the onslaught of the addictive substance thereby overdosing on the addictive substance when in a new environment. I would document my natural draw to the clothing stores in the airport today to be a watered down confirmation of such a theory...when taken out of the element of being at home and in an airport, an environment where you would not expect to see clothing stores, I naturally reverted back to my old thinking/addiction. But, I'd like to think of myself more intelligent than a rat, so therefore, I resisted!

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