Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Week 5, Day 3 - Free BR $10 Certificate!

Week 5, Day 3 Outfit: Ann Taylor Loft white belted short-sleeve button down, Ann Taylor Loft Brown corduroys, Brown BR open toed heels

First come, first serve!! Yesterday, I received a $10 Banana Republic Reward Card for being such a great little spender at the store (a wave of sadness is suddenly rushing over me...but I'll get over it!). Staying true to my challenge, I have decided to offer up this reward card to the first person who posts a comment to today's post (note, you must use the reward card in conjunction with your Banana Republic card). So, whoever wants it, just post and let me know where to send it (or if I know your email address, just let me know and I'll contact you for your mailing address). I kind of feel like a street dealer giving little samples of my goods to prospective clients.

Today is another work from home day, but involves an evening out with our neighbors. We had bought tickets awhile ago to see Jim Breuer (aka Goat Boy from Saturday Night Live several years back) at our local comedy club. For this reason, I'm actually wearing normal clothes and figured that people are getting tired of seeing pictures of me in yoga gear.

During my 6A spinning class this morning (yes, I have kept it up!), one of my fellow spinners told me she found the blog and remarked on how many clothes I have from Banana Republic. Yes, I admit, probably 70% of my wardrobe is from there - not only because they offer many of their clothes in Petites (this is a real gift to those of us who are under 5'4"), but also because they have sucked me into their Luxe program, which offers free shipping, free alternations, and $10 rewards card for every X dollars charged to the card (notice that I chose not to disclose what that would be given that I just received one in the mail for my past "indiscretions"). So, I have decided to make today a "BR-Free" day, well, except for the shoes...which has left me to wearing all Loft items (another store at which I frequented quite a bit). It's sad, you know when you are shopping too much when you walk into a clothing store and the sales reps all recognize you. They may not know your name, but they say "Oh, Hi!' The "Oh" in front of the "hi" signals to you that you are more than just a "can I help you find anything?" patron and have climbed to a higher (or lower, depending on how you look at it) status. At times, I would react to the salesperson's recognition with a slightly embarrassed smile knowing that they are thinking "it's that girl with a shopping addiction again...but yay, that means I'll make my sales goal today!" I wonder what they'll say when I resurface next February...maybe "she must have been in prison for a year because she maxed out her credit cards and couldn't pay them back." Based on the "warrant for my arrest" post, we all know that the pathway to prison really isn't all too difficult to walk down!

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