Saturday, April 3, 2010

Week 8, Days 3-6

Week 8, Day 3 Outfit: BR black tuxedo dress, black patent leather Joan and David heels
Week 8, Day 4 Outfit: Ann Taylor Loft "denim" suit, black BCBG slingbacks
Week 8, Day 5 Outfit: Hot pink J Crew camisole, Black Express Dress Shorts, Nine West black stilettos (and Lyn Cummins making a guest appearance)
Week 8, Day 6 Outfit: BR gold sleeveless dress shirt, Express Jeans, BR taupe patent leather heels

Yes, I know, I'm WAY behind on my blogging! Sorry about that...but it's been a pretty jam-packed half week. Quick recap of this past week:

Week 8, Day 3: Dinner with the CEO - yikes! For that evening, I decided to wear another little black dress (yes, I know I have a ton of them...that's why I'm on this challenge, right?). The dinner was very nice and not as high pressure as I imagined it to be (wine definitely helped). I was able to resist land meat and had the fish...I think my week of "vegetarian" definitely went out the window...but I'm definitely sticking to pescatarianism and vegetarianism when I can.

Week 8: Day 4: All-day client meeting at my company's, I donned a business suit (but one that looks like denim as this was a less formal meeting). Spent the whole day with the client and then 3.5 hours driving back home. That morning, during breakfast, I was chatting casually with the client and learned that there is an expert out there that can "do your colors." Basically, the person profiles you and tells you what colors are most complimentary to your skin tone, personality, and "style." We talked about how, in some ways, this can help address that "I have nothing to wear" phenomenon that we ladies often experience. Case in point, even though I have loads and loads of clothes, I still run into that issue, though sooner or later, the feeling maybe legitimate given that I'm trying to burn through my entire wardrobe! Maybe I should have my colors done...but that would require me to re-stock my closet...hmmm, I guess that'll have to wait until this challenge is over.
Week 8, Day 5 & 6: Ladies weekend! I had some girlfriends from Detroit come down for a Girl's weekend. From wine-tasting, to tapas, to viewing Sex and the City episodes, to spa time, to seeing Wicked (the musical), to ending our jam-packed 36 hour stint of time with a dinner at a local seafood restaurant, I'd say we certainly accomplished "having fun!" When giving a tour of the house, two of the women who have already seen the house mentioned to the third that she had to see my closet to fully understand why my shopping habit needs to be addressed. And her expected reaction - "um, yeah, you have a lot of clothes." Yup...and getting "richer" each month by restraining myself. Now I'm back in my "fat clothes" to accommodate the bulge that managed to develop from excessive eating and drinking...ahhh, gotta love elastic waistbands!

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