Monday, April 12, 2010

Week 9, Day 7 & Week 10, Days 1 & 2

Week 9, Day 7 Outfit (not shown): Turquoise short-sleeve linen cropped dress (which comes right above the knee on me, being 5'1" and all) - I may re-enact this look so I can post it when I get back home on Thursday.

Week 10, Day 1 Outfit (not shown): BR Off-White chinos (also seen in today's outfit), Old Navy nude tank top

Week 10, Day 2 Outfit: BR Off-white chinos, Turquoise (?) Ann Taylor sleeveless tee, Reef flip flops (my feet say "Ahhhhhhhh" - stop torturing us with those other things you call shoes!"), White House Black Market jacket (thought the picture with it on looked better than the one without, you be the judge)

Yikes...because my annual professional conference (the Society for Industrial Organizational Psychologists, aka SIOP) bled into the weekend, my days are all mixed-up now! My last post was on Friday (I think) and therefore I'm left with updating my blog for Saturday, Sunday, and today. Friday night was my wild and crazy evening - as was evident by the fact that I woke up Saturday morning still wearing my dress, pantyhose, and earrings. My saintly husband escorted me back home (I was clearly beyond the point of being able to walk the 3 blocks back to the hotel, so we had to cab it). I'd blog more about Friday night, but I really don't remember much after 10:30...which would suggest to me that the 5th glass of wine at the 2nd party is what did me in. One of my clients the next day ran into me and giggled when he said "how are you feeling this morning?" I apologized for whatever crazy behavior I exhibited and he very nicely told me "you were fine, you just fell asleep halfway through a sentence while you and I were talking." Those that don't know me should know that I hardly ever fall asleep on people. I'm usually the one that will squeeze out 50 yawns as inconspicuously as possible to avoid offending my, it was either the lack of food to absorb the alcohol, the 5+? glasses of wine, or the fact that I was just damned tired!

Saturday was another conference day, and I ended up having to wear a suit because I had "booth duty" for my company. This became quite painful as it was the 3rd straight day standing and walking in heels around the massive conference hotel (not to mention the fact that I was hungover and wanted nothing more than to wear jeans and flip flops). I inserted gel soles into my shoes but it only made the shoes tighter and more uncomfortable toward the tips of my toes. I had lunch with 3 gal pals of mine, 2 of whom I don't get to see all that often. We chatted about the blog, my run-ins with the traffic enforcers in Michigan (I hate them now), and the fact that I've been trying to wear colors that flatter my skin tone. Since two of the other lunch bunch were also Asian, they could both relate to how difficult it would be to tease apart my "tranquil" color (the lighter color of my iris) from my "energy" color (the darker part of my iris). After lunch, we ladies decided to join up with others to partake in the CNN tour. I was very surprised at how much I enjoyed it. It's really cool being able to see all the stuff that goes on behind the scenes when filming a news show.

The rest of Saturday was spent with a good friend/colleague that Mike and I bonded with during a VIP trip we were all on. He and his partner (both of whom I completely adore and get self-conscious around because they are both so HOT) took Mike and I to a great restaurant that had a terrific patio - perfect for enjoying the warmer and sunny southern weather. We snacked on what we ended up calling "ass pizza" because the cheese smelled like, well, you know, drank cocktails and a couple bottles of Viognier (chosen by my personal sommelier, Mikey), and just had a great time catching up and decompressing from the conference (or in my case, had a little hair of the dog - and, no, I'm not an alcoholic...I don't think). My brother then met us at the restaurant to take us to his place where I was reunited with my princess niece, Reese, and her extremely well-behaved brother, Ethan. Though I'm still teetering on mommy-dom (and the decision to even be a mommy), those children never cease to make me want one - really bad...only, I could do without the whole baby thing and fast forward straight to when they are 4ish+. By then, they understand that you can't touch an expensive designer jacket with syrupy hands.

Sunday was spent hanging out with my brother and his family, playing a little bit of Rockband, and finding my new obsession - the Fox series Glee. My brother started playing the premier on his tv and I was immediately hooked. Being the technology guru that he is, he then downloaded onto my computer, the entire 1st season, which made flying time from Atlanta to Chicago today go too quickly! After blogging, I am curling up in my hotel bed with my laptop, and one more episode of Glee before heading off to dreamland - which shouldn't be too hard since Mike and I were abruptly awaken at 5:30 this morning by my brother asking if we were ready to head to the airport...alarm clock failure! I've never packed so fast in my entire life!

This afternoon, instead of heading straight to my hotel in the suburbs of Chicago, I decided to make the best use out of my day and headed to the Chicago Diner to try out their veggie menu. What I ordered still wasn't as good as what Mike and I had at the Vegan soul food restaurant, but it was still tasty for being a fake McRib. I did decide to get one of the vegan desserts to go and took a bite out of it after having dinner at a nearby sushi place...and BAM...HEAVEN! I know better, however, than to think that vegan does not equal low calorie! Tomorrow I think I'll venture back into the city and try a raw food restaurant...should be interesting!

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