Saturday, April 24, 2010

Week 11, Day 7 - HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN!

Week 11, Day 7 Outfit: Ann Taylor loft grey faux wrap dress; Nine West black stilettos

Tomorrow is my friend Jen's birthday (also probably one of my devout blog followers), so we are going out to celebrate with Mike and Lyn and Maggie and Scott. Mike and I are the sole childless couple, so the festivities will begin at our place and then we drop the 3 kids off at "Kiddie Jail," and enjoy a nice adult dinner. Cake will of course be after dinner and after the kids are re-united with their parents.

Today is a great occasion to spin through another one of my many dresses.

Last night we had a BGSU I/O faculty dinner at my advisor's house which is as close to a show home as I've ever seen. They have the most interesting artwork and house layout...perhaps when I reach retirement age, I can look back at our art collection and feel like it's even a fraction of Milt and Lee's. Dinner was, as always, delightful and the company was great. While eating, I talked about my blog and clothing challenge...I received a few chuckles from my dissertation and qualifying exams advisors - both men who probably have no idea how difficult this challenge might be...but they were amused by the fact that I post pictures of my outfits on a regular basis.

I'm still going strong...and almost at the 3 month mark! Piece of cake (well, not totally...but a lot easier than I thought it'd be!).

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