Thursday, April 29, 2010

Week 12, Days 2 - 4: Travel, travel, travel!

Week 12, Day 2 Outfit (spring chick): Blue Ann Taylor Loft wrap dress, Yellow JCrew cardigan, Joan & David Black Patent Leather Pumps (repeated throughout this post)

Week 12, Day 3 Outfit (weary hen): BR striped button down, Red faux fur belt from Uniqlo, BR khaki trousers, same shoes

Week 12, Day 4 Outfit (fried chicken): Ann Taylor Loft cowl neck short sleeved sweater dress, same shoes (how else can I travel with a small bag for a week of business travel?)

Oi, I'm poooooooped (hence the extra descriptors in my rundown of outfits today, which, btw, are clearly not vegetarian)! 2 days in Columbus in long meetings that at times made me want to poke my eyes out because the client was so "all over the place." My colleagues and I enjoyed a nice dinner after the first day complete with some strong martinis to help introduce life back into ourselves after such a draining day. Day 2 was better, but ended with me being dropped off at the Columbus airport, eating a crappy meal with terrible restaurant service, jumping a plane to Minneapolis and then having a 1.5 hour layover before getting on a puddle jumper to Des Moines and arriving at the hotel around 1A EST. Luckily, on both flights I was without a neighbor, so I was able to spread out and blast my headphones as I watched first season episodes of Glee.

Man, there is nothing to do in Iowa! The best thing I could find around my hotel in Ankeny is a local seafood restaurant...seems interesting, and not a I'm game. I just hope they have outdoor seating. Tomorrow is another full day of consulting and ends with a direct flight (yay!) back home with an ETA of much for a Friday night! At least I have a relatively easy week next week, with only ONE trip to Chicago. I so miss the days when I was working from home for a week! At least I was able to crank out a few more outfits.

Oh, so one major challenge for my fast will be going to NYC in July for a girl's weekend. I'll be reuniting with some close grad school pals and we'll be painting the town red...or at least getting a good dose of girl talk, wine, and shopping in. It'll be interesting to see whether I can make it through that entire weekend without purchasing anything! I guess I can be on the sidelines providing my Tim Gunn critique of how things look on the rest of them. Perhaps I can relax my rules a bit and allow myself a handbag, accessory, or pair of shoes. Readers, can I??

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