Friday, April 9, 2010

Week 9, Days 5 & 6 - Conference Attire

Week 9, Day 4 Outfit: BR black trousers, BR rose colored button down, BR black tunic
Week 9, Day 5 Outfit: BR blue short sleeved, rouched waist dress, Ann Taylor Loft khaki cropped jacket

It's now Day 2 of our annual conference in Atlanta which has been marked with running into lots of old acquaintances, wearing suits and heels, and running from session to session taking in so many that it's all becoming a blur. Yesterday, after the day was over, I headed to a spa with a previous colleague of mine and got a Thai massage. For those not familiar with what a Thai massage is, think "Couple's Retreat" where the yoga guy is intertwining himself with the personal space of the women during their couple's yoga session. It's a great feeling, but you have to be really comfortable with having your personal space completely invaded. He did this one thing where my femoral artery was shut off by him pressing really hard on my quad (which hurt like hell) and when he let go, a rush of warmth and relaxation overtook my leg. I woke up this morning feeling a bit beaten up, but in a good way.

I've updated a few of my friends who I haven't seen in awhile on my blog and decision to not buy clothes for a year. After their wide-eyed "why" looks, they then remark on how proud they are of me and provide the same encouragement I've gotten from others. They inevitably look at what I'm wearing and say "so, you won't wear that again for another year, huh?"

Though I wore a suit today, since I'll likely wear it again next week, I decided to make today's "outfit" the dress that I'll be wearing to my company's reception, followed by the BGSU alumni party (always guaranteed to be the wildest one as it runs the latest). I will likely "get my drink on" tonight as I had to be relatively behaved yesterday since I had a client meeting for lunch and was chairing a session this afternoon. I'll, of course, exercise some restraint at the company party, and then let loose as the alumni party. SIOP stands for Severe Indulgence of Partying!

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