Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 9, Day 4 - Travel Clothes

Week 9, Day 4 Outfit: Dillard's (don't know the brand name) tunic sweater, Old Navy nude tank, Express Jeans, BR black denim wedges (probably another one of my oldest items!)

Two posts in one day...I guess I'm making up for being such a slacker last week! I figured I wouldn't have all that much time to post after I begin traveling to my conference, so I'd get one more picture in. Today, I'm sporting what I would best describe as my Obi Wan Kenobe costume with the long tunic like sweater. Again, going back to The Color of Style recommendation, I'm supposed to wear my tranquil color (the color of the lighter parts of my, that would still be brown!!) while traveling - as that will help me relax into my new environment and likely offset all the hassles you deal with when you fly.
Random thought for the day: Has anyone ever wondered if a female terrorist were to hide a bomb in her bra whether they would make women take off their bras before passing through security? This happened with the shoe-bomber!

Like George Clooney in Up in the Air, I've got going through the security line down to a science. As soon as you are able to scoot up to the metal table where you can begin placing your totes to push forward onto the rolley thingies that preceed the conveyor belt, I grab two plastic totes, place my laptop and shoes in one, and then my work bag and jacket (if it's winter) into the other. Meanwhile, I drag my rollerbag along with me using my right hand as I push with my left the totes that are side by side to each other down the metal table to the rolley thingies and then onto the conveyor belt. I then hoist my suitcase onto the conveyor and wait to make sure everything makes it into the suitcase MRI (my special word for that X-ray thingamabob) as often times, you think it's all in there, and then the TSA person scanning things puts things in reverse thereby shooting all your things back onto the non-rolley part of the assembly line. Like I said, pure science!

While I'm writing in painful detail about the state of air travel these days, can I just share with you my top 5 pet peeves about other travelers? Here goes:

5. People who still have absolutely no clue about the fact that large gallon sized water bottles are not permitted through security...where have you been? Underneath a rock?

4. Obnoxious, overly-confident business travelers who talk on their bluetooth headsets at a volume that people on the other side of the terminal can hear.

3. Fellow passengers that in their rush to get on the plane, completely block the gateway so even when your boarding zone is called, you cannot get through - and then you end up being herded through the gate with the other cows.

2. Ticketing agents who feel the need to announce every little detail about the flight - like, "for passengers traveling on flight ### to ______, I would like to inform you that the plane's restrooms are being serviced because a passenger on the previous flight had an accident on the flight coming in." Ummm...TMI!

And, finally, my biggest pet peeve...(drum roll)...when the exact passengers who were on such a rush to get on the plane, are the first to unbuckle their seatbelts, jump out of their chairs, grab their luggage from the overhead compartment, and then book it to the middle of the aisle, sighing noisily while they wait for the other passengers to get off. If you hadn't been in a such a rush to board the plane, maybe you wouldn't be so ansy to get off of it at first sign of the "ding."

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  1. So, just a little story to share on this update that is a continuation of my "Warrant for my Arrest" saga. After getting what I thought was a reasonable start to the airport, Mike and I ran into traffic on our way to the airport due to road construction...making us already late for our flight. So, what do I do? Speed within the confines of the airport in order to improve our chances of making our flight, and sure enough, I see the lights of a police car behind me. I get pulled over (1 hour right before our flight, mind you), am asked by the cop if I was aware that my license has been suspended (UM...HUH????? WHO IN THE WORLD TOLD ME THAT???) was detained for a 1/2 hour before the cop released us (asking Mike to take over the wheel because I now have a suspended driver's license), and booked it to the gate (after painstakingly waiting to get through a really slow security line - why is it that all the slow people show up when you're late for your flight?). We made the flight, had 2 drinks during our 1.5 hour flight, and arrived in Atlanta well-pickled and happy that we made the flight. I now have to call yet another police station to settle a second speeding ticket and also get my driver's license un-suspended. Oh gosh...what a bad streak!!