Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Week 9, Days 1/2 & 3 - Downtime and Crazytime

Week 9, Day 1 & 2 Outfit (don't judge, you know you re-wear things too!): Loungewear: Gap Green velvet hoodie, black Old Navy yoga pants (Sunny the cat once again making a guest appearance...geez, you'd think he could change it up a bit and wear something other than black!)
Week 9, Day 3 Outfit: Blue JCrew button-down, Brown BR trousers, Naughty Monkey stripped peep-toed heels (see previous Week 4, Day 6 post for up-close picture of these wacky shoes!)

Well, Easter proved to be rather uneventful (in a great way) and was spent in a spinning class, catching up on DVRed episodes of Dancing with the Stars and Desperate Housewives (both guilty and embarrassing pleasures), picking up the book recommended to me by my client about finding what colors work best for you, and sipping wine with the hubby on the back porch when he returned from his trip (yep, I was bacheloretting it for the weekend, hence the visit from the gals over the weekend).

This book, The Color of Style, was a bit frustrating to read through as it asks you to identify different colors in your eyes and hair. Hmmm...given that I'm Chinese and that my eye and hair coloring are both BLK in my drivers license, kind of hard to differentiate between black and more black. Upon hard look, however, I did note that I have different shades of brown in my eyes and hair...which makes up for 3 of the 6 different "colors" that I'm supposed to wear. So, when I want to feel energized, I wear...brown. When I want to be tranquil, I wear...brown. When I want to be business casual, I wear...brown. So, the bottom line is that for much of my life, I'll be dressed up like a turd. Nice.

I did put some of the author's suggestions to practice yesterday as I dressed for an office day (though you can't tell, I was wearing brown pants) and also as I packed for my back to back trips - first to our annual professional conference in Atlanta, and then to Chicago for two separate client meetings. I have serious issues with checking bags because Murphy's law dictates that the moment I check my bag for back to back business trips, the bag will inevitably get lost and I'll spend the next week trying to track it down...and will end up having to buy clothes which will break the "fast"...hmmm, maybe I should check my bag (wink). So, because I am not checking a bag, I have substantially streamlined my packing down to 2 business suits (both black, because that's my "formal" color according to The Color of Style), 4 blue-toned shirts (which is my dramatic color), 1 rose colored short-sleeve button down (which is my romantic color), a couple of dresses for the different "going out" events I have scheduled during the conference, 1 pair of jeans, a couple pairs of slacks, yoga/exercise/pajama gear, and TWO pairs of shoes, aside from sneakers and flip flops (this is a real feat, because I have been known to pack upwards of 7 pairs just for a 3 day conference). Thankfully, I'll be staying with my brother over the weekend and will thereby have access to his washer/dryer so I can refresh things before heading into the second segment of my trip. So...stay tuned for some more interesting pictures this upcoming week - as you'll see me churn through 7 more articles of clothing!

One other note, you'll see that I'll be sporting my glasses for the next week as I have somehow managed to get a "rug burn" on the cornea of my eye which feels like I have an eyelash stuck somewhere on my eyeball that I cannot get rid of. Back in college, I did a study on whether glasses make someone appear more attractive and smarter. I found that for men, it didn't make a lick of difference, both in terms of attractiveness and intelligence. But for women, those wearing glasses were perceived as being smarter but less attractive. So...given that I'll be attending a professional conference, I guess it's perfectly fine for me to appear smarter, albeit uglier. Maybe if I wear my hair up, I can channel my Sarah Palin ego and insert the word "ya know" into every other sentence.

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