Monday, April 19, 2010

Week 10, Days 5 - 7, Week 11, Day 1

Week 10, Day 5 Outfit: Beige Dillard's tunic sweater, Orange BR short sleeved button down, Black BR trousers (that are mis-matched with the black suit I wore last week)

Week 10, Day 6 Outfit: BR brown suit, Dark turquoise Ann Taylor Loft sleeveless v-neck shell, BR brown open-toed slingbacks

Week 10, Day 7 Outfit: BCBG black embroidered sweater, Pink BR sleeveless shell, Firetruck jeans

Week 11, Day 1 Outfit: Dark blue Forever 21 tunic sweater (I seem to have a lot of these!), BR beige wool sleeveless shell, Silver Jeans

The rest of my travel week in Chicago was uneventful and finished with me really feeling the constraint of my resourceful packing (as you can see from the picture above). Though you've seen all 3 articles of clothing in my Week 10, Day 5 outfit, I counted the orange shirt as my item for the day though I probably wore it 3 times in the past week. There were other outfits that were the official garb for those other 2 days, so in my mind, I'm not cheating! My first day back in the comforts of my home began with a sales presentation to a local client, so I wore a suit...then quickly changed into casual clothes (but kept the top from the suit ensemble on to get the most use out of it). Mike was gone on Friday night, so I used the time to catch up on Glee and veg out in front of the TV with PF Chang's takeout (yum!).

Saturday was spent at two different parties - one a birthday party for Baye, Maggie and Scott's adorable 5 year old princess (the one that I bought the tiara and butterfly wings for). Kid's birthday parties are so interesting. It's almost as if the adults that bring their children to these parties have the kids on a jam-packed schedule and everything runs like clockwork. As soon as Baye was done opening her presents, the party cleared out - kids and associated parents heading to their minivans and getting ready for the next party or event. Kids have it so rough these days with their crazy social calendars. As for me, I, too, left the party to go to a Pampered Chef/Arbonne party and pigged out on some delicious food. I also managed to rack up quite a bill in Pampered Chef products...but again, not nearly as much as I would have spent in one trip to Banana Republic. Mike returned Saturday night so we went out with Sarah and Dave, who we haven't seen in ages, and had a nice pre-dinner bottle of wine at Vino100 and then headed to a local seafood restaurant. I did don another "going out" outfit that evening, but have decided to save it for another time. My outfit for Saturday comprised of a sweater that I have worn only once, and is probably too big for me to keep - so into the donation pile it goes!

Sunday was the first day Mike and I have been home on a weekend day for 3 weeks! So, we began the morning with a yoga class, headed to a coffee shop, and then got massages in the afternoon. My inevitable case of Sunday anxiety set in - as was evident by my bustling around the house trying to clean and straighten everything. I mentioned to Mike that we need to "de-clutter" our lives, and he replied back with "it's Sunday" meaning that he knows the comment is coming from my strange bio-chemical imbalance that causes me to become manic, anxious, and crabby. This usually carries into Monday morning and goes away around lunchtime. Today, however, I think it's a bit better - probably because I am not traveling at all this week and am looking forward to some downtime.

My court hearing for my arrest warrant is on Wednesday. Hmmm...definitely thinking pin-striped navy suit with a blue button-down which I'm hoping will send the "would an irresponsible criminal wear this?" message to the judge. We shall see!

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