Friday, April 30, 2010

Week 12, Day 5 - TGIF!

Week 12, Day 5 Outfit: Blue short sleeved BR button down (one that I also have in Magenta and Pink), BR Grey trousers, same shoes as the past 3 days - If you're reading this before I post my picture, sorry...didn't have my camera in my workbag and too lazy to get it from my car...will post the pic later.

Ahhhh, done with work on a Friday afternoon by 3pm (CST) and am now squatting in a Panera Bread to kill some time before my 6pm flight. I'm so excited to be heading home and unwinding from a long week of work. Thankfully, next Monday and Tuesday are light, so I'll be able to ease back into the workweek before heading to Chicago for another training session.

I'm not digging my outfit today...I feel masculine in it - as did I feel on Wednesday with my stripped shirt and pants in a different color look. Perhaps I should donate these articles of clothing as they make me feel less feminine and fashionista-y. I'm also having a bad hair day which is not doing much to enhance my self-evaluated sex appeal...not that it matters as I don't plan on picking any boys up at the bar - I've got one waiting at home :)...actually, one man, and 2 fuzzy boys, and one fuzzy girl waiting at home. I had a nightmare yesterday about my cat, Martini - I dreamt he was put in a pet shelter and that because of our finances or some other reason, could not take him back in. I was then desperately trying to find a good home for him as I didn't want him to end up in a bad home. Hmmm...not sure what that dream meant...likely something to the effect of "you've been sleep deprived, Lilly, and you miss your cats."

After my dinner at the local seafood restaurant last night (which I smartly decided on cooked seafood instead of how fresh can fish be in Ankeny, Iowa anyway?), I drove around and drove past a place like Massage Envy (called Massage Heights), did an immediate u-turn, and headed in to see if they could accommodate me for an hour massage last night - as I am all knotted up from lugging around my heavy work-bag all week. They were able to get me in an hour after I asked, so I spent some time walking around a Pier 1 to kill some time. Before this challenge, you would have found me heading to a Kohl's or TJMaxx and buying additional clothing that I already had some version of in my closet. Not anymore!

My massage was heavenly. I opted for the hot stone "upgrade" and asked for deep tissue pressure...though I was tearing up from what felt like too much pressure at times, I floated out of the place very relaxed and with perceptibly looser shoulders. I did feel "guilty" for cheating on Adam, my favorite therapist at Massage Envy, but he doesn't know how to do hot stone yet anyway. Speaking of Adam, he is a 6 foot 3 fraternity looking guy that leaves you a little unsettled when you first see him. But considering his stature, he has a very gentle massage style. Perhaps it's because he is somewhat oxymoronic is what makes him my favorite. (Mike, if you're reading this, I'm sure the fact that I get massages from him while you are on the other massage bed during our couples massages puts you at ease)...I HEART massages.

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