Saturday, February 27, 2010

Week 3, Day 7 - Mall hath no power over me!

Week 3, Day 7 Outfit: White BR sweater, blue J Crew skinny corduroys, brown Liz Claiborne slouchy suede boots.

I did it. I set foot into the mall to return a pair of pants at the Gap and then left (well, after buying a make-up product at Ulta). The siren voices of coming spring fashions were calling - but I bravely steered clear of their hold, basically by not looking around as I bee-lined for the Gap check-out counter, made my quick transaction (luckily, they didn't need my credit card, which remains suspended in ice on the top shelf of our freezer), and power walked out the door. During my errand running, I also stopped by to pick up a pair of re-furbished BCBG black slingbacks...oddly, a pair that cost about $60 at DSW and took $24 to repair. But, given that these shoes are such an important staple in my closet, it was worth the investment. I'm feeling quite rewarded by the fact that I was able to avoid buying a new pair of shoes. Another great discovery in my 3 full weeks of not shopping - that by taking better care of my belongings and extending their life, I'm also helping the environment. Reuse, reduce, recycle - hooray!
On the vegan-tarianism note, I broke down today and had eggs for breakfast. The fact that I scarfed them down is confirmation that veganism is not for me...that and the sheer delight that I experienced while chewing on the doused pieces of buttery toast that accompanied my vegetable omelet. What do you call vegans that don't eat there such a term?

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