Friday, February 19, 2010

Week 2, Day 6 - Flight Attendant

Week 2, Day 6 Outfit: BR white button down (1 of the 7 that I own!), BR navy blue pin-stripped skirt, Aldo pointy-toed heeled boots.

I would describe today's outfit as my "would you like a beverage?" get-up. White button down blouse, navy pin-stripped skirt...yup, call me a regular Delta Airlines Jane.

The boots I had to forgo wearing yesterday are making a reappearance today as I lead a planning session today with a small bank in the Chicago area. I'll likely change into my Uggs and skinny jeans (my saving grace on the evenings of this week of business travel) afterwards to ensure comfort during my 2 hour car ride from Chicago to Midway with my sweetie. Depending on what time we get into Peoria, we maybe visiting the bro-in-law at work and having a couple night caps.

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