Sunday, February 21, 2010

Week 3, Day 1 - Driving Clothes

Week 3, Day 1 Outfit: BR skinny jeans, white Ann Taylor sleeveless top, BR Orange cropped sweater, Black Ugg boots. Next to me is my "closet" from the past 7 days.

Moving into week 3! Today is going to be mostly marked by traveling east on the 80 turnpike, so I'm left to my one remaining outfit in my suitcase - skinny jeans and my cropped orange sweater. I wanted to include a picture of my suitcase from this past week as I've made a few references to it these past few blogs. This week will be a combination of work days in the office, working from home (can't wait!), and a client site visit on Friday morning. So, my closet will continue to dwindle - though it's still pretty full.
Sarah D. (great friend and one that I think exercises great shopping restraint) had sent me an email a few days ago commenting on my blog (again, need to figure out how I can allow people to comment!) and mentioned that once you "kick" the habit, it actually becomes easier to restrain yourself. I am definitely noticing this, though I'm not sure if my lowered interest in shopping is due more to the fact that my days have been filled with other activities, or if I have not yet even reached the withdrawal phase. As of yet, the tractor beams of the mall have not been pulling me in...and I figure, as long as I can stay away from the mall, this challenge will be much easier. The true test, however, will be setting foot in my favorite store (I'm sure you can guess what that one is based on the branded descriptions I have been providing as I recap my outfits) and not buying a thing...even something that is so grossly marked down that I feel like I'm practically being paid to wear it! Bottom line, so far, so good. When I hit the month mark in a couple of weeks, I will re-post a status update on Facebook...kind of like a monthaversary. I'll also likely change the url for this site so that "shopaholic" is actually spelled correctly (did any of you notice?).

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