Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Week 3, Day 4 - The Belt That Started It All

Week 3, Day 4 Outfit: BR green knit dress, Loft camel belt, brown knee-high 9 West boots.

If you remember, this whole challenge began with me realizing how obsessed I have become with shopping due to spending several hours on the Internet (after a day of shopping, mind you) looking for a pair of camel colored boots to match a belt. Said belt is pictured above with a knit dress (one, I might add which has a neckline much lower than I remember...and with a belt weighing it down, plunged lower and lower all day at work!). So, when I get around to wearing this dress again, must remember to layer over a skin colored cami.
How ironic is it that I'm typing this blog while watching a recording of Project Runway? However, I feel no compulsion to run out and buy something that looks like what was just worn by the tall waifish alien looking models. Strange! I must say that Sarah was right...I really am not having much of an urge to shop...have my shopping taste buds really been quelled? I guess the ultimate test will be when I go to the mall this weekend to return one of the pairs of black tights that I purchased from the Gap. Yes, I am going to return it, not exchange it (or at least I think so right now). Readers, knowing that I'll have to report back to you on the outcome will help me withstand the temptation!
Speaking of temptations, I have really not had the urge to eat any meat since starting my week-long vegan-tarian challenge on Sunday. Have I reformed from my hedonistic ways? Nah, the three bottles of wine I put away with my work gal pals last night would suggest otherwise! However, I have come to discover that tofu ice cream tastes like frozen whipped cream (in a bad way), that vegetarian turkey deli meat + tofu swiss cheese + saurkraut = decent tasting faux-reuben, and that seaweed sesame rice chips are extremely addictive!
Going to an italian restaurant tomorrow with Maggie and Jen...we'll see what vegan options I'll be able to identify...I may find that I'll be one of those annoying "I'll have the ____, but hold everything except for the steamed vegetables. Oh, and I think I need another glass of chardonnay."


  1. Lilly- I don't think you are ready to go to the mall without a chaperone. We will have to discuss your plans further tomorrow night.

    - Sarah D.

  2. Vegan isn't as hard as you think and alcohol is allowed!