Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Day 4 - Another day at home

Day 4 Attire: maroon j-crew v-neck tee, plaid Tommy Hilfiger pajama pants - both items of clothing from at least 7 years ago!

So we got pelted yesterday with the dreaded winter storm...but not enough to cancel school for my hubby, Mike (is department chair at Bowling Green State University). As it is another work from home day for me, I am once again in my pajamas (but a different pair from yesterday).

We had our neighbors over for dinner last night (thank you Cathy and Dave for braving the field of snow between our houses) and just when we were expecting them, the doorbell rang. Mike answered it and was handed a box from the delivery person that had the GAP written all over it. Mike's response was "have you already broken your fast, honey?" No, but remember those black tights I talked about in my first post?? Well, they've arrived...and I'm thinking that I should keep them because they were purchased before my challenge began. So there!

Given that we had company over, I did change out of my PJ's and donned a black Gap sweater dress. At the end of the night, took a look in the mirror, found it unflattering (probably because it got stretched in the process of me handwashing and line-drying it) and happily placed it in the "Donate" bin that I have hanging out by my closet. So, feeling kind of good about the fact that as I discover items of clothing that I no longer want, I am in turn recycling and doing something good for others (who knows though, the selfish side of me is thinking: I can take it into a clothing exchange and get cash for it!).

Tomorrow I'll be on my first business trip since my challenge am thinking very strategically about what suit and top to wear...all you readers (okay, 4 of you really) who are dying of anticipation (yeah right, like you have nothing better to do with your time) will just have to wait until tomorrow!

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