Monday, February 8, 2010

Day 2 - No Withdrawal Yet!

Okay, so I survived Day 1 of my no new clothes for a year challenge. I have already shared my goal with my Sunday cycling class and a group of our closest friends at a Superbowl Party last I guess there's no turning back now! It's interesting how different the responses from the two groups that I shared my challenge with yesterday were. From my fellow cyclers (all female): "Wow, I don't know if I can do that myself." From the Superbowl Party attendees (half of which were male, one being my husband): "Wow, good for you!!" Today, I'll be posting the url to this blog on I'm curious to see what others' reactions might be.

In order to make things a little easier for myself yesterday, I went to Target to buy some storage boxes and stackable hangers (veered as quickly away from the clothing section as possible) and spent a good 2 hours re-organizing my closet. While doing so, I discovered that I own 7 white button down shirts and 8 pairs of black business pants. Oi! So, just 24 hours into this challenge, I have learned my first lesson: Proper display of your clothing in a closet may lead to fewer repeat purchases!

This week will be an interesting first week of this challenge as I will be traveling to Chicago today, at a client site on Tuesday, going into the office on Wednesday, and then at another client site in Columbus on Thursday and Friday. So, in terms of thinking ahead and again trying to wear something different each day, I'll need to be strategic in what I put together so as to keep my options open for the weeks to follow (which will also be laden with client-facing days).

It's supposed to be really cold and snowy in Chicago today. Also, given that I'll be going through security and walking through the airport, I need to wear something warm and comfortable. Hence:

Day 2 Outfit: Turquoise Banana Republic V-neck sweater, black leggings, Zara pleated denim skirt, black Ugg boots.

What I'm packing: For client visit tomorrow: Black Suit, colored button down shirt, sleeveless colorful top (not sure which I'll wear underneath), Cloud Nine West black heels. For day in the office Wednesday: Purple Banana Republic Sheath Dress, Black Ann Taylor Loft shrug, Black Aldo knee-high boots.

No withdrawal yet...although thoughts of losing my Banana Republic Luxe status are already racing through my head!!

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