Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 5 - Back to "normal" clothes

Day 5 Outfit: H&M suit jacket, Jones New York black sheath dress, Calvin Klein ankle boots.
Given the crazy snow days and resulting client engagement cancellations, today is the first day that I'm actually having to think about what to wear. Today and tomorrow I'll be in Columbus for client visits and therefore decided to start looking in the far corners of my closet to see if I could find something that I rarely wear. Lo and behold, I found a houndstooth suit jacket that I bought on impulse (like so many of my other purchases) at H&M during a day trip to Cleveland. It's amazing how I can pretty much remember where and when I purchased almost every piece of clothing in my it what you will, a gift or an unhealthy misuse of brain power. Anyway, I decided to pair this jacket with a black Jones New York black sheath dress that I bought a TJ Maxx about 7 years ago. Add black leggings and this season's favorite pair of black ankle boot heels, and I have an outfit that uses two articles of clothing that I have not worn in over a year - YES! (Sidenote: in case any of you are wondering who my amazing photographer is, I'm happy to report that I have mastered the use of a camera timer and the floating stairs near the entrance of our house...and am also learning how to pose movie, if all else fails, at least I'll be ready for the red carpet at the end of this challenge!)

Since this is an overnight trip, I also packed a grey J Crew suit (which I wear quite often), and a couple of short sleeve blouses to wear underneath. I usually pack a few options in case one of them doesn't quite work out (no, I don't try them on before I pack...I like to live dangerously that way).

I had a Cycle/Pilates class with a good shopping buddy of mine who asked if shoes and handbags were an exception. For now, I'm going to say I think a hard black line should be drawn so as to not allow room for "interpretation" - interpretation that can turn into weakness when encountering stores overflowing with designer shoes and handbags. I did mention that I could shop with her...though, I think I need to at least wait a month before doing as to build up a little will power.

I wonder if I'm going to start dreaming about shopping...kind of like that guy dreamt of (uh-hem) in 40 days and 40 nights. Time will only tell...

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