Thursday, February 25, 2010

Week 3, Day 5 - Getting Ready

Week 3, Day 5 Outfit: Black hoodie (brand unknown), red faux fur belt, Loft camel colored corduroys.

Because I have back to back meetings today, after my morning run (outside in 24 degree weather, talk about a wake-up call!), I decided to "get ready" for my dinner out with Maggie and Jen rather than waiting and scrambling to do this after my 4pm meeting. As I was running my fingers through the still insane amount of clothes in my closet, I came across the hoodie (pictured above) that was my last purchase since this challenge began. I decided to show both the front and back of this zip up as the buttons on it were what drew me to it and sparked the "I have to have it" thought that led to another swipe of the credit card. I bought this at a really cute boutique in Ann Arbor that offers different items at really reasonable prices. I told the store owner that I'd definitely be back...I hope she stays in business until next February!

As I was "getting ready," I started wondering where this phrase originated. Get ready for what? To rumble? It's kind of funny how by putting these two words together, they signal a pattern of actions that for men usually involve nothing more than changing out of the PJ's and a quick brush of the teeth. For women, however, getting ready involves a much longer list of actions that include cleansing, brushing, curling, applying, coordinating, and glancing (in the mirror, that is). I remember during one ladies night out, one friend of mine who usually has a more casual and relaxed style showed up with a full face of makeup, straightened hair, and a black dress. I remarked on how great she looked and she replied with "I 'got ready'." Interesting!

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