Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 2, Days 2 & 3 - "Business" as usual

Week 2, Day 2 Outfit: Banana Republic magenta short-sleeve button down, Banana Republic pin-stripped trousers, Ann Taylor Loft skinny black belt, Calvin Klein black ankle boots.
I'm now in day 2 of my 5-day workweek of client meetings and am already pooped! Nonetheless, my quest for exhausting my wardrobe continues (as you can see from the business casual attire in the pictures above). Packing for this trip took quite some strategizing as I go directly from 5 days of business casual to a weekend in Peoria...which is often characterized by spending time at my mother-in-law's nursing home and my brother-in-law's workplace (a (um) night spot, I'll leave it at that). I was still able to squeeze my 7 outfits into a carry-on sized suitcase, though was forced to check it as my Delta flight from DTW to Chicago ran out of overhead space. Probably for the better as I did not have quite the muscle strength to hoist the 40 lb. bag into the overhead bin (especially since I was wearing my Uggs which give me no added height!). Yes, yes, I did have on 2 different outfits yesterday as I hate to travel in business attire - the clothes get all wrinkled and are also require trekking around the airport in heels.

I must call out the fact that I am so dedicated to providing daily pictures of my ensembles that I actually packed my camera and usb link in my work bag, discovered a new use for an ironing board, and was able to still snap full length pictures of myself while in a Hampton Inn. Photographer-buffs will likely scoff at the inclusion of the mirror...but cut me some slack, at least I'm not doing one of those self-portrait things where all you can see is the top of my head!

My colleague/galpal, Kelly, and I are venturing into the city tonight for a scrumptious meal. Though our session ended early, we resisted the temptation to go head into downtown earlier to shop...as I don't know if my will power is quite built up. She asked if make-up was included in my "do not buy" list, and I replied with "hell no!" I have to be able to buy some things right?

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