Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Day 3 - SNOW DAY!

Day 3 Outfit - PAJAMAS! Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow!

Well, my outfit yesterday was somewhat wasted as my trip to Chicago ended up getting cancelled and I spent all day working from home. So, to make things right, I am lounging in my PJ's today (except for cycle/yoga gear for a morning class)...I'll spare anyone reading this a picture of me in this attire! Tomorrow is also supposed to be fraught with snow, so I'm guessing these next couple days will be uninteresting from a "what should I wear today" perspective.

I posted on Facebook the fact that I am taking on this challenge and was very excited to see the responses I got from people. Some in outright disbelief, others indicating that they are rooting for me, and the rest making funny remarks about regressing back to days as a student (thank you Katie!).

To convince myself that I'm serious about this challenge, I removed my favorite clothing stores' links from my browser's favorites, am sticking my clothing store credit cards in a tupperware container and freezing them in water (see pictures below), and am shredding all coupons that I receive from these stores as they come in the mail. I would take myself off of their mailing lists, but fear that doing so will put me on some kind of shopping blacklist and result in excommunication from shopper's paradise! Visions of me hacking at a block of credit-card filled ice are already popping in my head...but on Day 3, I'm still going strong (notice that I put the cards in a small tupperware container)!

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