Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Week 2, Day 4 - little black dress

Day 4 Outfit: White House/Black Market black belted dress, Ugg boots (but originally pointed toe knee-high Aldo boots).

Okay, Day 4 of back-to-back client engagements and I am getting really tired! Decided to get a little racey today and wear a black dress with boots - given that I wanted to be comfortable and it's cold outside, so I needed to give my panty-hosed legs an extra layer of protection from the low temperatures. I have now replaced the boots with Uggs for my trip out to dinner with colleagues, but keeping the dress on...quite the fashion statement as you can see.

My packed wardrobe is dwindling and I've already put away what I've worn on the other days, so we'll see what's left by Friday!

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