Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 7 & 8 - Valentine's Day Weekend

Day 7 Outfit: Stripped Forever 21 short sleeve sweater, Banana Republic black tights, Banana Republic black snakeskin platforms

Day 8 Outfit: Yoga wear!

Yesterday was devoted to running a few errands and enjoying the comforts of home and finally watching Avatar (better than I expected it to be). I finally decided to open up the box of goods that arrived earlier this week from the Gap/Banana Republic and wear what might be some of the last of my new clothes until this challenge is over (or I cave). I did change into a dress for a nice dinner last night at Mike and I's favorite local restaurant (we celebrated V-day yesterday), but I'm not going to count that towards something I can't wear again since it was only worn for a couple of me a cheater if you wish! The dress was also a recent purchase...and, again, hopefully one of the last until next February.

During my weekly Saturday spinning class yesterday, I mentioned to a few other people that I am taking on this challenge, and one fellow spinner (who I think is way tinier than me) asked if I had cast-offs, to send them her way. This prompted a discussion about possibly organizing a clothing exchange party...which would allow me to acquire new clothes without having to buy them, and give me the glorified sense of re-cycling and putting my no longer worn clothes to good use. Definitely a thought and very promising!

Today, Mike and I are going to a Partner Yoga my attire today will be nice a comfy...and not count toward exhausting my closet. So, today is in some ways a freebie!

Well, a week into this challenge and I am not hurting at all. The biggest test will be when I'm in Chicago next month for a weekend...trips to Chicago used to center on a long stroll down Michigan that shopping is no longer a regular pass-time of mine, it'll be interesting to see what I am able to do with my time. I'm hoping I'm going to gain a greater appreciation for culture and things that do not involve a regular slide of the credit card between two electronically charged slots!

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