Monday, February 22, 2010

Week 3, Day 2 - Crunchiness

Week 3, Day 2 Outfit: Northface fleece, BR white top (underneath, which counts as the article of clothing that will get relegated to my "WORN" box), Express jeans.

I'm becoming crunchy! Yes, just like the rice chips that I was snacking on on my way home from the health food store, I am beginning to channel my "one with Mother Earth" energies. You might say that this is in some part inspired by reading Skinny Bitch over the weekend, but I'd argue that my challenge to stop buying clothes has served as a gateway to endless possiblities for self-improvement. I have decided to try out a vegetarian (and, if possible, vegan) diet for a week to see whether it is something I can sustain. I have already made a visit to the store to stock up on vegan cheese (we'll see how that goes!), organic vegetables, and fake meat products. For those of you gasping and worrying about whether Lilly will ever be fun again since she has given up shopping, meat, COFFEE (perhaps you'll notice this by way of the more than usual typo's and run-on sentences) and possibly dairy - fret not - as this is just a week-long experiment (except for the shopping part, which I intend to stay on as long as possible). Plus, let's be honest, notice that I did not include alcohol in the list of things I am going without this week. Also, chocolate can be vegan (I have already scarfed down 1/4 of a chocolate, cherry, almond bar that I purchased at the Health Food Store...funny how buying it at a Health Food Store helps with rationalizing the consumption of it!).

Though I'm sure I'll end this week with some changes to my on-going eating habits, I do not intend to become fully vegetarian or vegan - but may toy with the concept of "flexitarianism." Which, I believe, this is a term created for those whose SuperEgos say "do what's right for the environment and for your body" but whose Ids are clearly wearing the pants in the mind of the individual. BTW, Maggie and Jen, if you're reading this, I will not subject you to my temporary lifestyle when we get together for dinner this Thursday...we'll see how well I can stay within the walls of being a vegetarian/vegan wherever we end up.

So, in honor of my crunchy day, I have donned what might be seen as "outdoor-sy." Yay for Detroit it coming down super hard up there is why I'm not instead in the office wearing my work attire.


  1. You are on a roll! Have you thought about trying recipes with whole grains you haven't used before? Maybe amaranth will add some thrills to your vegan week.

  2. As long as wine doesn't conflict with your flexitarian lifestyle, we'll be fine Thursday.