Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 17, Day 1: Belated Cinco De Mayo Celebration

Week 17, Day 1 Outfit: Express Purple Camisole, Red Faux Fur Belt from Uniqlo, BR boyfriend jeans, Aldo wedges (5 inches high, baby...makes me actually begin to feel like I'm a normal height)

On Sunday, my fellow DUB Clubbers (that stands for Drink Up Bitches) and I got together for what has become more of a bi-monthly meeting...the boys were allowed to attend this outing as Diana cooked up a massive and extremely delicious mexican feast! The wine was superb as it was provided by our Vino100 hosts...what a treat! Whether it was the wine or the heat, I'm not sure, but I arrived home plenty exhausted and hit the sack before the sun went down (which is pretty late these days...9:30 to 10ish). The fellowship was great and we ladies had a chance to catch up on our lady-things. We also inducted a new member into our club - a youngin' (relatively speaking) who will serve as our B.I.T. (Bitch in Training).

I continue to churn through my summer drawer (hence the purple camisole that I haven't worn in ages) and am trying to be strategic with what I wear, as I know I have South Beach, NYC, and Vegas trips planned for the remainder of the summer - yes, I know how to live it up, don't I? Good thing is that I can use the money I would normally spend on clothes to subsidize our vacation expenditures!

Sunday (which felt like a Saturday) was a good day. Gosh, I love 3-day weekends!

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