Sunday, June 6, 2010

Week 18, Day 1 - Aftermath of the Tornado!

Week 18, Day 1 Outfit: "Help One Another" logo tee purchased from a local clothing boutique, White Forever 21 linen shorts with a very comfortable waistband made of cotton (kind of like maternity pants) - good for me as I am still in a "bloated" (i.e., weight gain state)

Last night's outing with the Essence girls was a great time. We began with sushi, a cosmo, and then wine. Because took our time to eat, we ended up going to a later showing of Sex and the City 2, which I highly recommend, as long as viewers of SATC1 are not expecting the sequel to be better than the first (Shrek was the only movie that was able to accomplish this with Shrek 2). Our movie ended around 10:45 and we approached the theater doors only to discover that it was raining cats and dogs outside. This is funny because we all made the conscious decision to walk to the theater from the restaurant (about a 1/4 mile walk), knowing that we were tempting fate...but at least thought to each bring an umbrella. So, our 1/4 mile walk in the torrential downour did put a DAMPer (ha ha, pun totally intended) on our night, but also made for an interesting story.

So, the downpour apparently turned into a tornado warning around 11pm last night - a warning that both Mike and I managed to completely sleep through. This morning, I then heard stories of cars being overturned, a high school being completely demolished, and meanwhile, Mike and I probably had the deepest night's sleep since returning from Europe. Our neighbor told us that next time she'd knock on our window - wow, she must REALLY love us!

Today has been the most "back to normal" day that I've had in the past 2 months. I actually got to pay bills, sort through mail, do laundry, get a massage (Adam had a family emergency, so I had someone else - frown), and just have nothing scheduled or planned for the entire day (except the massage). It's been nice just chilling and getting stuff done around the house - hence the super casual attire today.

Tomorrow night, I head out for another week of traveling. Chicago, then Indianapolis for a couple of days. I'll be visiting food manufacturing plants to observe maintenance workers in action, so I'll be restricted to pants, flat, sensible shoes, yet business casual. How in the world am I going to pull that one off? We shall see! I'm procrastinating on the packing (as usual) and will figure things out tomorrow!

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