Saturday, June 12, 2010

Week 18, Day 6: Back at Home & Friday Sushi

Week 18, Day 6 Outfit: J Crew Navy Blue Silk top, J Crew White skinny denim capris, Ann Taylor loft wedge flip flops

Yesterday was a great day to recup from the travel and to catch up on the work that piled up over the week while I was traveling. I also decided to take summer hours for the afternoon to catch up on sleep and just relax. I got to finish a movie I had downloaded from iTunes (Leap Day, don't recommend it) that I had started on the short plane ride from Indy to Detroit. iTunes has figured out a way to make a movie self-destruct in 24 hours ( Mission Impossible-esque!) so I needed to finish that before 7pm yesterday. What I really wanted to do was watch the season finale of Glee on my DVR, but decided to save that up for today.

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from someone who stumbled across my blog and has asked me to join a Fashion Forum. Hmmm...worth looking into to up the readership of this blog - not that I'm doing this to create any kind of followership or publicity...but would be nice to hear others' reactions to my daily (or shall I say every few days or so) posts.

Last night, Mike and I headed up to Detroit to hang out with Linnelle and Dennis. It was a great low-key night marked by a trip to a hole in the wall sushi place and then a bonfire in their backyard. For once, I was not the person who was the prime target of blood thirsty mosquitoes as they were all mosquito-lining for Linnelle. I think I have found the most effective bug repellant - just sit next to Linnelle!

I have somehow managed to contract some kind of stomach bug, which I'm hoping once done with my body will remove all the water and weight accumulation that I have been obsessing about over the past couple of weeks. Tonight, Mike and I will be going to an open house fundraiser at my doctoral advisor's place - the ever perfect home of the Hakels. Not sure what I'll wear there...but probably something that is loose-fitting and comfortable given my digestive issues...probably TMI for all you readers!

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