Thursday, June 10, 2010

Week 18, Days 2 - 5: Whirlwind Travel

Week 18, Day 2 Outfit: BR Dark Trouser Jeans (my fat pants, that are now snug!), Lucky Brand black t-shirt, unknown brand black flats (to be used for all my plant visits!)
Week 18, Day 3 Outfit: Anthropologie black cropped trousers, White polka-dotted Ann Taylor short sleeve button down, black flats
Week 18, Day 4 Outfit: Pink Ann Taylor Loft short-sleeved cardigan, Liz Claiborne black cami, Urban Outfitters elastic band khakis with buttons down the sides, black flats

Week 18, Day 5 Outfit (not pictured): White Express capris, Black Target short-sleeved v-neck tee, black flats

I am sitting in the waiting area of the Indy airport ready to board the direct flight back home after a whirlwind trip to various manufacturing plants. As mentioned in previous blogs, plant site visits confine me from a fashion perspective to flat shoes, pants (not jeans), and short-sleeved tops (due to the heat in the locations), donning a cute skirt or heels is completely out of the question! My week started with a trip to Chicago, then to Indianapolis to then drive 1.5 hours to another plant site, then back to Indianapolis for another plant visit in Indy. It's been a fascinating yet exhausting week...and it's only Thursday! I have been touring food processing manufacturers and have seen cereal, granola bars, Rice-a-roni, and Gatorade being made. It's so amazing how they can design these machines to produce these good so quickly. Each plant pumps out about up to a half million goods a day, plus or minus another half million depending on the product - amazing!

Throughout the week, my bloatedness has continued to get worse. I am beginning to wonder if this is European pay-back or symptoms of some kind of change in physical state. I have tried being relatively conscious of my eating (still having that 1 glass of wine with a dinner salad), worked out every morning except today, and am still discouraged by the fact that my pants are so uncomfortably tight, that I keep having to re-adjust in order to sit comfortably. I even packed my "fat clothes" and am still feeling this way. I'm most bothered by this because it means that my clothing options are now limited as half the clothes still waiting to be worn will not button! What gives?

On the clothing front, I have churned through another 4 outfits, and am making a commitment to re-organizing my closet and hanging up my summer clothes so I once again have more readily visible options to consider as I think of what I'll be wearing each morning. If this bloatedness keeps up, however, I may need to start re-using all of my workout pants in order to accommodate my relentlessly increasing waistline. How depressing!

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