Saturday, June 5, 2010

Week 17, Days 5 - 7: It Catches Up

Week 17, Day 5 Outfit (Night out with Maggie & Jen): Susanna Monoco Sun Dress - super comfy!; Ann Taylor Loft Black Wedge Flip Flops

Week 17, Day 6 Outfit (Daytime Summer Hours - heading to the pool): Forever 21 blue sundress, Old Navy white crocheted bikini (you don't think I'd be stupid enough to post a picture of me in my bikini do you?)

Week 17, Day 6 Outfit (Evening attire): White House Black Market sleeveless tee with curtain-like opening in front to reveal another layer underneath (best way I can describe it), Express Beige capris, my favorite Ann Taylor kitten heels (gosh, you realize how much you like certain items when you repeatedly post that you're wearing them!)

Week 17, Day 7 Outfit (night out with Essence Girls - watching Sex and the City 2): Gap magenta tiered cotton top, Gap Long & Lean Jeans (though nothing about me today feels either long nor lean!)

So...I was so ecstatic when I got back from Europe, and after a day or 2 of being 1.5 lbs heavier, got back to my normal weight. So, naturally, I went through a weekend's worth of social activities and since Monday, have seen the scale creep up about a pound each day - making me 4 lbs. heavier than I was when I got back from my trip. I start thinking, okay, maybe it's because I'm working out regularly again and gaining muscle mass...a nice, comforting thought until I try to put on a pair of jeans from Europe and can barely button them. So, I believe what I am experiencing here is payback from my debauchery - both during the European trip and all the activities following. It's a terrible feeling...emotionally and physically!

To recap the activities of this past week, as if all the social activities last weekend weren't enough, Thursday I met up with Maggie and Jen for our monthly girl's outing, had sushi, and then a couple of Belgian beers to bring Maggie and I back to the blissful week that seems so far away now (I'm sure you're thinking, Lilly, this is why your jeans are tight). Yesterday, I vowed to myself I would be good and go light on the drinking and eating...failed miserably. Mike and I got together with some wine-friends of his that he met back when a small grocery store in Bowling Green was holding weekly wine tastings. At least one representative from the 4 couples present at yesterday's get together was a BGSU faculty member (one was even a Provost!). We started at one of the couples' homes for some appetizers and samplings of some really great wines, then headed off to dinner at the best Indian restaurant in the area that allows you to bring your own wine and does not charge a corking fee! We arrived at the restaurant around 9pm and didn't actually eat our meal until 10:30pm...thus bringing Mike and I home around 12:45! We had planned on running a 5k this morning - NOPE! I did get in a spinning and yoga class that made me feel a little better...until I stepped on the scale.

Tonight I'm watching Sex and the City 2 with some fellow spinners/yogites...we're grabbing sushi beforehand and a couple of cosmos. I have been good all day, which hopefully will account for the caloric intake I'll be having this evening...the good thing about tight fitting clothes is that they sway you toward healthier eating options...I hope!

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