Thursday, June 17, 2010

Week 19, Day 5: Productivity!

Week 19, Day 5 Outfit: "Little Miss Lucky" Tee from Urban Outfitters, New York and Company black pants (that I have turned into yoga gear)

This week has been a total contrast to last week from a crazy-busy travel schedule perspective. Aside from a day trip to Detroit, I have had the luxury of working from home, which allowed me to get much more than just work done. I have shampooed carpets during my lunch break, replaced light bulbs (okay, not really, but have made the commitment to doing it tomorrow), cleaned out the refridgerator, and got caught up on work from last week! I feel like superwoman! I read an article in a local magazine publication today about making time to organize your house - 15 minutes at a time...though a simple statement, there's definitely something to that. If I can schedule everything else in my life, why can't I schedule time to take care of things that I get all worked up and stressed about when I walk by them on Sunday night (when experiencing what Mike calls my Sunday Psychosis). Little by little, perhaps all of our closets will be well-organized. Mike and I have decided to have a garage sale a week from'll be interesting what preparing for that event will do to spark some kind of manic cleaning streak. Mike tells me that I am like the Tazmaninan Devil when these streaks strike - I spin around the house cleaning everything in my path...and probably utter sounds similar to what the Tazmanian Devil makes - ougha loo agh ogush ogha lah ogha! Translated into English: "Mike, why can't you put your socks here, where they belong. Honey, why are there glass cups on the bath tub. Sweetie, our house is so gross..." (notice the use of words like "honey" and "sweetie" to somehow soften the blow of an otherwise accusatory statement. Lucky him, huh?

Today marks my 4th consecutive day of spinning...which is probably why my legs feel like lead and my entire body aches...that paired with hot yoga and intense 6A yoga classes and the killer Pilates class I had yesterday. Since I've been home every morning and night this week, I have decided to make full use of my membership at make up for what I missed all last week while traveling! That, and this desire to remove the crazy weight gain I experienced last week. So, in honor of my week-long addiction to Essence, I post for you yet another yoga outfit.

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