Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Week 19, Days 6 - 7: Vino & Baseball

Week 19, Day 6 Outfit: The Limited Turquoise v-neck sleeveless empire waist silk shirt, White House Black Market white shorts, Aldo peep-toed laser cut beige stilettos

Week 19, Day 7 Outfit: Gap white sleeveless cotton tee, Gap dark wash denim shorts, JCrew flipflops

Friday was mainly a work from home day, with plans to go out to Vino100 for a couple glasses of wine. It was a mellow night and great to just chill out for once. Given the outfit on this day, a couple of people I saw on Friday asked if I was still on the challenge. That's the nice thing about a change in seasons...more my winter attire is very quickly dwindling. Amazing, though...I'm now in almost my 5th month of this challenge and still have plenty of clothing that I have not yet worn!

Saturday, a few friends came to visit (one from Pittsburgh, the rest from Detroit) and we went to a Mud Hens game. It's so great to remind yourself of the great activities that you can actually do in Toledo. Had this been a Major League baseball game, we would have been sitting in the nosebleed section...but given that this was Minor League, we had front row seats right behind 1st base...and all for a whoppin' $10! Gotta love smaller towns!

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