Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 18, Day 7: Celebrating Diversity Fundraiser

Week 18, Day 7 Outfit: Print dress from an Ann Arbor boutique (unsure of the brand, but made by a local designer, this was the last item I had purchased before beginning this challenge!), my favorite Ann Taylor strappy kitten heels

Week 19, Day 1 Outfit: Jammies

Week 19, Day 2 Outfit: Jammies

Saturday evening, Mike and I (along with Scott and Maggie) went to my advisor's house for a fundraiser to raise money for a movement to overturn an oppressive law that went into effect in Bowling Green a few years ago. The law basically violates the rights of same-sex couples and gives the city cause for discrimating against these individuals. It's amazing to me that even 10 years into this millinium that this is still even an issue. One might say, well, we're in the midwest, and people are little more closed-minded here...but even that argument doesn't work as I think about California's Prop 8. Sheesh!

Toward the beginning of Saturday, I was suffering from what I hope was a 48 hour stomach bug. Needless to say, I spent all of Sunday bedridden and sleeping. It's amazing how much you take feeling healthy for granted - and you only realize this when you are completely debilitated and unable to do anything. My darling husband was at my beck and call, providing me with toast, sprite, and whatever else I could possibly stomach. I'm happy to report however, that my system seems to be restored...and, better yet, I have my un-bloated body back! Though miserable and never a way I would choose to lose weight, I did manage to drop 3 lbs. through my weekend digestive turmoil. Perhaps all the bloating was a precursor to my stomach woes. Regardless, I'm hoping I can return to my normal life of eating & exercising so as to once again be able to wear the remnants of clothes in my closet waiting to be donned.

Today is a work from home day, so I'll be lounging about in PJ's :)

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