Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Week 17, Days 2 & 3: Memorial Day 5K/BBQ & Working from Home Again

Week 17, Day 2 Outfit: Gap striped tank (what Mike calls my small town country-girl look), BR denim shorts

Though a bit rough around the edges from the Cinco de Mayo dinner the night before, Mike and I resolved to run a 5k at 8A on Monday. This 5k is a pretty small production in comparison to other 5k's we run, so the route and the lack of a cheering crowd (and maybe a bit of a hangover) made this race a little less bearable than other races. Nonetheless, finishing the race felt really good, especially since a quick glance at the clock in Mike's car reminded us that we managed to run 3.2 miles before 9A on a holiday...not too shabby!

The rest of the morning/early afternoon was spent sleeping...not sure why I'm needing so much sleep these days...perhaps catching up on what I missed during our European vacation? We then headed to Scott and Maggie's for some BBQ (ribs and salmon - YUM). I gave into the meat temptation as the ribs just looked to good to pass (sorry my fellow flexitarian friends). After an early dinner and a game of Texas Hold 'Em, Mike and I returned and I once again found my way to the bed and slept for the rest of the night...and continued to sleep until 6A this morning. Hopefully this is the final bout of jet-lag that I'll deal with and I can return to a normal sleeping pattern (though, honestly, I really didn't experience too much jet lag!).

Today (Tuesday), I'll just be working from home and catching up on work...so nothing too exciting to report on the outfit front. Tomorrow will be an office day, so until then!

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