Monday, June 14, 2010

Week 19, Day 2: Impromptu Outting

Week 19, Day 2 Outfit: Ann Taylor Loft Off-white cap-sleeved tee, Unknown brand denim skirt (a favorite of mine for years that I purchased at Marshall's about 5 years ago), Brass Plum (Nordstrom) pink bowed strappy kitten heels (also a favorite for years)

So, today was supposed to be a freebie day since I was working from home, but as I walked in the door from my spinning class this evening, Mike informed me of a last minute invite to meet up with Maggie and her visiting parents at our favorite local wine bar (Vino100). So, we began the night there with plans to do a little bar-hopping after, but only made one more stop at Bar Louie for dinner before calling it an earlier night...which I was thankful for given that I'm still somewhat recovering from my weekend bug and also signed up for a 6A spinning class. Since I've had a good share of "freebie" days, I decided to count tonight's outfit toward my "wear as many clothes without repeating" mission - though I will admit that this skirt will not be put in the "file away" bin as it is 1) denim and therefore counts as jeans, and 2) has been a summer staple for years.

Tomorrow is an office day, so I'll once again be wearing regular business clothes - a breath of fresh air from the very challenging manufacturing floor required garb of last week. I love heels! I never did get around to ironing my clothes however, due to falling prey to that stupid stomach thing, so I will spend the rest of the evening laying out my outfit for tomorrow and making sure it is nicely steamed! Stay tuned for an unwrinkled ensemble tomorrow!

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