Monday, May 31, 2010

Week 16, Day 7: Shroom Fest

Week 16, Day 7 Outfit: Black Sleeveless Ann Taylor Loft dress, Ann Taylor strappy kitten heels

Having just come back from a trip to Amsterdam, I'm sure that many of you are interpreting the "shroom" in a certain way...sorry to disappoint, but Shroom Fest refers to a 5 course dinner (paired with wines) I had with fellow wine club members at a restaurant called Shiraz up in Detroit. Morel Mushrooms are all the rage right now as it is the season, so this restaurant served up 5 courses in honor of this delightful fungi. We began with a mushroom bisque which was heavenly, followed by a pickerel wellington, then a salad with big morels (yummy!), salmon for me (with no hint of mushroom...kind of disappointing), and a coffee semifredo (kind of like ice cream) with a merangue shaped like a morel mushroom. By the end of the dinner, all of us were undoubtedly full and buzzed. We ended the night back at my co-worker's house and ate some mushroom shaped chocolates that I brought back from Belgium.

Our Country Club's pool opened on Saturday, so Mike and I spent about an hour soaking up some rays. I was pelted by a runaway ball that some kids were tossing around and got rather angry when upon being assaulted by the object, none of the kids bothered to apologize! Geez, kids these days! I was hoping that it would happen again so I could grab the ball and hold it hostage until one of the kids showed any form of manners and apologized...but apparently wanting to be hit by a ball is the same as watching water boil - it won't happen until you stop thinking about it.

On the clothing front, I continually am depleting my closet, though still have many options left - especially since the temperature has risen and I can now dig into my summer-wear prepared for seeing more skin (hopefully progressively tanner skin with each week!).

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